We are creating a new "Think Tank"


We have a new community-determined team

Although we no longer need Moderators, we still need a team. Specifically, we need experienced and/or creative players to help guide development priorities. Although everyone here is encouraged to provide feedback, a team can help us manage that feedback.

It just so happens that our forums are also smart enough to identify members of the community who are exceptionally active, helpful, and good representatives for all of us. This new team will be made up of these members.

This is based on Trust Levels, which is something that all of us here have a measure of behind the scenes. Players who have reached Trust Level 3 are automatically promoted to this new team and gain some extra forum abilities and privileges, although they can opt-out of this team if they prefer. The criteria includes not only your own forum activity (no, spamming posts/likes won’t work), but also how others interact with your posts.

In this way, the community itself will determine its own representatives. Just as concerned players no longer have to worry about power-tripping Mods, they also no longer have to worry about a team being hand-picked on dubious grounds, because no existing members are doing any hand-picking at all.

This designation is also not permanent; the criteria is based off of a rolling window that will drop members if they at some point no longer meet the criteria that got them promoted in the first place. Inactive team members are no longer possible.

We will have further updates on this point soon, including a public development roadmap and some new information on how you can most effectively get your voice heard.

We are dissolving the Moderator team

Sounds interesting. We’ll need to be careful about manipulation of trust levels - liking specific users’ post to get them pushed up the levels wouldn’t be inconceivable.

Overall, I like the idea… a community managed by the community sounds interesting!

We are dissolving the Moderator team

I nominate HydroP for the team


@Belg agreed on manipulation. The criteria protects against this somewhat by requiring a fairly decent range of different activity types, but anything is exploitable. :thinking:

Thankfully, the team membership itself is public, so if any questionable characters end up there, we’ll all know about it fairly quickly. :ic_laugh: