Exceed v fatty McGee

Delayed post. They declared first, Exceed is way better and I’m looking after my mum while my dad is in ICU. Peace and love.

Foreign Relations

We have DECLARED WAR on (7172).7172 has DECLARED WAR on us.

78 started this fight*
Exceed has three times my fleet and still can’t do anything**


Sythonics, 78:

Poaches planets while were fighting 81,84,85,86.

We retaliate.


Let’s keep it fun in here. It’s EOR and we offered to stop but you declined.

All the best!

Fun died with the poaching, the lying, the not responding, the selfpitying.
Your family is the epitome of why people leave the game, that’s all I have left to say to any of you.

Man , really? Okay cool cool cool cool

I honestly don’t see it that way. We same size have been all round. Your peak bro