WAR! 7583 v 7585 - Lets get it on!

After some skirmishes, the great and noble Kingray has declared war on the foolish ANZAC fam

3 #7583: :crossed_swords:Imperial Conflict :crossed_swords: [35,45] 6,297,369 610 5,029,446
4 #7585: [ANZAC] Click Click [94,37] 5,684,628 338 5,520,154

Map as of T635

12 ticks left of round… this will go all the way to the end…

Good luck to both sides


You mean you were not attacking wile I was at war for the last week after few days of no action at between our families? We have been hit by your family since day two of 84 war lol, your family has almost made more succeful attacks then 84 in a weeks spand.
War dec was for morale purpose only so not sure what the need for this thread and if anything its rather late lol



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War was declared, should have a thread really… bring back the fun of IC…

Feel free to ignore as you like

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I don’t really mind it, just feel like it’s pointless when there is less than 24 hours in the round

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We are showing random facts? :stuck_out_tongue::rofl:

Foreign Relations
7579 has DECLARED WAR on us.
We have DECLARED WAR on (7582).
We have DECLARED WAR on (7580).

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Y’all in my page at some point :stuck_out_tongue:

Foreign Affairs
We are restricted to declaring war on at most 2 families.

We have declared war on :uk:Pubs​:uk: (7582).
We have declared war on :eggplant::taco:History of IC :eggplant::peach: (7580).
MoonLambo (7579) has declared war on us.
Active NAPs
We have a 72 Turn NAP with Family #((())Agents Of SHIELD(())) (7584)
We have a 72 Turn NAP with Family #:crossed_swords:Imperial Conflict :crossed_swords: (7583)
We have a 72 Turn NAP with Family #[ANZAC] Click Click (7585)
We have a 72 Turn NAP with Family #For Da People (7581)

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T641 standings

3 #7583: :crossed_swords:Imperial Conflict :crossed_swords: [35,45] 6,104,918 605 5,011,445
4 #7585: [ANZAC] Click Click [94,37] 5,902,772 342 5,509,783

In past 100ish ticks

84 planet(s) Family Captures #7583
62 planet(s) Family Defeats #7583

Previous 100ish ticks

9 planet(s) Family Captures #7583
15 planet(s) Family Defeats #7583

Total over past 200 ticks +16 planets to 7585

T644 (3 Ticks to go)

3 #7583: :crossed_swords:Imperial Conflict :crossed_swords: [35,45] 6,124,967 599 5,003,777
4 #7585: [ANZAC] Click Click [94,37] 5,796,913 348 5,518,105


3 #7583: :crossed_swords:Imperial Conflict :crossed_swords: [35,45] 6,317,441 594 4,999,351
4 #7585: [ANZAC] Click Click [94,37] 5,774,494 353 5,524,255

Seems you lost, we had higher pcount/nwth and fighting two families and lost more to 84 then you, but you did alright valturing non ports at the end :clap:

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Final tick rankings

Rank Family Networth Planets Population
3 #7585: [ANZAC] Click Click [94,37] 7,738,386 351 5,481,278
4 #7583: :crossed_swords:Imperial Conflict :crossed_swords: [35,45] 6,186,637 594 4,982,536

7585 UP 13 planets since war was declared and UP +29 planets over all conflict with 83

Easy conclusion to see that 7585 defeated 7583


Or only hit non ports and I didn’t retake from you at the end but congrats on your so called “victory”

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9845 Bomber
104991 Fighter
773948 Droid
7826 Transport
Diplomacy #7583 T-589

Ground Against Air
The attacking forces were relieved when they didn’t have to fight any laser turrets.

Air Battle
There are no defending fighters on the planet

17454 attacking droids malfunctioned
581 soldiers died in the fight to defend the planet
25956 droids failed in their program to defend the planet

Looks like hitting a portal to me…

By the end I was just retaking mostly anyway… missed one of your portals because I sent 25000 droids in my 2500 transports like a n00b that I am…

Oh you managed one :clap:

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Best times ever… pretty sure there was another one somewhere too…

Maybe if I had fleet out to the family I was actually waring lol

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maybe, but I don’t think so somehow… it’s ok Cells it will all be ok in the future

Im sure it will be, you sure are hanging onto last round lol

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In the thread from last round