Hi i am another combacker and after playing several rounds started to miss few things.
As i had more than 10 years brake from IC i need to get back on track with all the strat things and so on. But i have no possibility to try out things that is working or not. I am missing poligon where people could practice.
I have no idea if its forbbiden to have 2 Virgo galaxies at 1 time or not (maybe we have server limitations or smthing)
I was trying to get back to virgo but its forbbiden as it is only for newbies.
What if we will make big galaxy which will be constantly ON and you will have 4 weeks to train and after that you are deleted. Once you deleted you can start all over again from 0.
It should be SS galaxy to prevent fammily aids and extreme boosts from that.
It should have attacking limitations like you can attack players who got 50+ planets and not below 35% nw. Maybe some more morale points for attack as it will be training field and not fighting

For example now few galaxies is over and we having a brake and my opinion its frustrating for people who want to play.


This isn’t the Olympics

What i want to say people comeback to this game and joining regular galaxies. Then they got beatup and leave. No posibility to train and gain expirience

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A training galaxy won’t stop new players getting beaten up, proper guidance from active players will. And a little bit of luck of course. Because the player pool is so small now, the chance of getting beaten up each round has increased.

Where should i meet pro players? Last fams i was in was full of begginers.
I saw other combackers tried something and got beaten up.
Then where should we train? Virgo2 you cant join
We need space for practice and second this constant playing who wants without any brakes.
Now you talking like this thing will cost us something. If it will cost then whats the price of additional galaxy?
We can get trial 3-4 months and you will have a result. If the galaxy will be empty just shut it down.
I see only benefits and worth trying if more people will join this game

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This is reasonable suggestion, similar to Short recurring econ-only galaxy.

I don’t see any reason not to try it for those who want it.

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Just make it atleast 3 weeks because exploring will take a while. Also some people would like to test something in late game and so.
Maybe latter we could expand it to 4 weeks
It should be attacking preventing things like you can attack players above 50 planets and big morale costs like 3x than normal or more
Starting bonus regular
People are auto deleted after 3 weeks
You can start all over again after that or anytime you delete yourself

After we will test this galaxy we could start runing a missions

For example achieve crazy population number or crazy amount of planets to conquer and so on
After that you could get a badge or some kind achievement in this game

People will get to know this game and become real competition for current Pro bastards

The name of this galaxy should be Paiania
I found this name from greeks football training grounds. It was officially opened on June 1981

I liked it.

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What you suggest could be solved by joining the dev server 1 minute tick galaxy once it’s running again yes? That way you can play around, econ or attack at will an see what works. It is patron only though or atleast it was.

No speed ups are needed. Real feel is needed. It has to be regular galaxy with regular things.
Combackers would spend time there before kicking asses for elders.
Also people arent so active these days after logingin in the end of the day your galaxy will be starving or something bad can happen.
Normal galaxy with some limitations on attacking is needed.

Ok how much time we need to agree on something? 12 hours passed
Can we start new galaxy? If no then why?

This setup requires some code changes, it isn’t supported by the game as it currently stands.

No ETA atm, but we can assess after the weekend.

New people could join and play. We could have more players, because now who is not reading forums thinking that there is no galaxies to play

I’m aware. Unfortunately, we have limited development resources.

I’ll see what we can do in this upcoming week, but can’t guarantee when this will be ready.

Why not just allow people to replay Virgo for this?

The current Virgo setup is different than what’s being suggested.

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How its going with this galaxy? I see a reduction in number of people playing. Some are new and playing in difficult galaxies. I am afraid it can be last round for them. We need training galaxy for comebackers

I am busy with other obligations unfortunately. No ETA atm on this feature.

He’s got damn obligations Arimanus, he will never rise to YouTube fame through ‘PiecooksPie’ with you badgering him all day.

All day? Goddammit this will help more people to comeback and bring this game on track. Look how new players are strugling to strat and know this game. We have to have galaxy for economical basis for trainings. Everyone understand that