Violation/Ban Policy Clarification

We’ve had a few issues recently with regard to rule breaking. This has included in-game violations as well as chat violations.

Going forward, we will be tightening up our policy regarding publicly discussing specific players and their violations and punishments. I normally lean more towards transparency, but the nature of these discussions tend to result in unpleasant conversations that don’t offer much value to the larger community.

Part of this is also acknowledging that I have been less than professional with how I deal with cheaters and rule breakers. Part of their punishment shouldn’t include public admonishment or debate regarding their specific case. I apologize.

I am still thinking about how to improve and formalize the process around violations and punishments.
Suggestions are welcome.


Put em in the stockades and nail their crimes to the front page of forums! :stuck_out_tongue: … not sure why we are so worried about protecting their privacy. Act a fool, get treated like one.

i completly dissagree :stuck_out_tongue:

potential for education there too though

eg. cant tell another fam to check their cores is still IA

True that… found out the hard way there… :joy:

regardless if someone cheats and try to protect them for it to not leak out… its still going to get to the masses that someone cheated or acted a fool.