Vacation Mode


Can we not re-instate vacation mode so my planets won’t be raided while I am away?

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Infinitum Inactivity Exception

There are no plans to right now. Players who leave for extended periods of time should be at risk of losing planets to those who are actively playing.



if I am away for a long period of time I agree, but i I am away for a couple of weeks due to RL commitments then I feel like it should be an option in this galaxy - just my opinion :man_shrugging:

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I’m for it if we can figure out a way to do vacation mode without it being exploitable. Ideally the same feature could work with other galaxies too.

It’s not on the roadmap currently but if players want to cook up some details on how that should work, we can definitely consider it.



just limited it to Infinitum only and have it fixed at a set value say 1 or 2 RL weeks.

If I go on holiday for 2 weeks I have the option to protect my planets while away but its long enough for people not to use it for protection as they woudl ginmp them selves for the set time period.

It also means older galaxies that are not being played on can be farmed to the more active people



Your suggestion sounds like a good start, but it still seems exploitable in the same way original v-mode was.

  1. How frequently should a player be able to use it?
  2. Should they be unable to use it within x turns of an offensive action?

Ideally any solution would also be applicable to other galaxies but with adjustable parameters. We really shouldn’t be thinking in terms of infinitum-only features.



Maybe only planets gained 1 week before vacation mode are protected?

Have to choose a set period of time and cant come out before that, min 1 week, max 2 weeks.

2 vacation protections per year maybe?



That’s an awesome take on it @Luker8969. :+1:

Instead of a blanket protection we can offer partial protection based on your activity, so each player’s v-mode effects them differently.

The question then is which planets should qualify for protection?

  1. Recently gained planets (your suggestion)
  2. Everything except recently gained planets (prevents attack + turtle exploit)
  3. % of planets at random
  4. % of planets, and the player gets to choose which ones
  5. Something else?
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Or you gain no resources/money on vacation mode



instead of vacation mode, perhaps for a temporary period you can assign control of the empire to the leader of your family. However, the leader has limited control of the empire.

I don’t like vacation mode or pmode just seen too much abuse



you can only take vacation mode twice in a “normal round” vacation mode lasts 4 days you can come out early and you can lump them together and it counts as two

normral roudns last 6 weeks if your taking more than 8 days vacation every month thatn you can go F yourself you should work more. if your taking a more vacation than deal with it or don’t play the round.