Update: Empire Deletion Restored


Players can once again delete their empires; there is no longer any need to request this from Staff. This can be done by going to your empire preferences page here:


The section to delete your empire will not show up during the first and last week of the round.

Additionally, if you delete your empire you will not be able to rejoin the round and will have to wait until the next round to play in the galaxy you deleted from.

Deleting requires an extra confirmation step, so “I accidentally deleted my empire” will not grant anybody an exception to this rule. Please think carefully before using this feature.

Thank you!


Rage quit: Enabled


^^ Actual live footage of me 6 days into the Muppet round when we lost our second lead attacker, and Pie and I didn’t have an attack bonus.


MW57 Playground style.

Eyes everywhere :sunglasses:

Very Good and very bad memories lol




That gif is legendary!!! Amazing.



This might be a stupid question but ill ask it anyways .

If someone deletes they cannot come back into the same round, that part is understood.

Question is can that player be drafted into the same round? Like for example you know when a bunch of friends all random to see if 2 of them can land together then the remaining crew drafts into that fam.


Can you guys bring back vacation mode? Preferably by 17:00 GMT Dec 21st.


Did anyone cancel a 48h nap?


Feel free to raise that in the #support:ideas category!


@HellRaizeR Good question!
If you delete your empire from a galaxy, you can’t rejoin the galaxy by randomming back in. A limitation for that has been built into the game.
However, if you deleted yourself from a galaxy, by default you are not allowed to rejoin that galaxy, regardless of what means you use to rejoin. So, baked into the code, we now have it fixed that you cannot random after a self-deletion, but possibly (I’m not 100% sure) the draft is still possible.
Just to be clear on this: if you use this, it would be considered exploit of a bug, and this will have consequences (possibly for both the drafter, and the draftee).

Now to be clear: this is in no way a threat, but just stating this to avoid any confusion :slight_smile:


Reminder bump now that MW is about to start.


Delete the guy in my family that messedsaying he’s sorry and won’t play.


You know it’s not possible. If he comes back you can tell him where the delete button is.


I still love you @TheBigOne