Top empire implosion


A lot of players in Infini are playing like a regular galaxy with an end and a winner. That’s just not going to work.

Here’s an idea to keep the balance in an endless galaxy. Randomly set a time every 500-1000 ticks or so when the top few empires implode and most of their planets become explorable, leaving only their home system and any others they have a DS in. Keep all stockpiled resources and main fleet.

The same basic game mechanics would still work, but have an incentive to not be the biggest all the time. This could give active players a chance to make it to the top at least once if they desire. The imploded empires would have a fighting chance to regain some losses if they have a pile of explo ships on hand and good allies to help out.

There would need to be some checks in place, such as making sure a recent entry in the top set doesn’t get imploded. You would have to be there for a minimum time to be eligible for implosion.

This idea would also encourage more of an SS style if big bankers would be the regular implodees. I’m not against dedicated specialist empires in a solo family galaxy, but I find it more enjoyable when everyone can do a bit of everything.

If you like this idea and want to see it happen, please vote for it via the “Vote” button in the top left of this page.



I would suggest not only the top few players.
But all players would loose some planets.
The bigger you are, the more you 10 players 60% of planets, top20 50% or in any other form. This shouldnt be know before it happens. Just a random event :slight_smile: that would bring some more action :slight_smile:

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We have a feature cooking in the Think Tank that’s somewhere between the idea here and @toXinLTT’s suggestion.

Will post more info soon.


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I think the oppisite, lets blow more planets on smaller players, only because they havent been that active.

More actvity = less planets/infra loss

Why would we punish the players who support this game most, by spending most time on IC?

Edit, reply to @I_like_pie

Do u know Facebook/Instagram/youtube etc fight for how much time people spend on those webpages?

But to punish these people for spending most time on those pages is insane. Thats what u guys want to do here, in infinitum. Killing more planets on more active players is a big no no.

If that game starts to sell good advertise for money, then these top players are the ones who make most profit for this game. Why ruin it?



Agreed. I understand that there should be some sort of ceiling cap in order to maintain playability of the galaxy but the blowing up’ suggestion sounds bad.

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That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve read in the IC forums in years. Those companies don’t encourage or even condone users of their platforms bullying, harassing, and generally being an asshole to the other users.

This isn’t about quantity of time spent on a game. It’s about the quality of that experience. Why should folks like myself who enjoy strategy games be punished for having a life, a job, a family? Why should the unemployed single neckbeards with no family life and 18+ hours a day to waste online be the ones to call the shots? Go be an dick on 4chan with the other anons if you need to prove your superiority.

This game is a digital drug. Some of the top players are addicted to the point it rules their life. What normal person will sleep for an hour or two, wake up to perform some actions in a text based browser game, go back to sleep, and repeat day after day for months at a time.

I’ve seen several new, and some returning players with a short history, come and go quietly these last few weeks. No complaining about how they were treated. Just looked in, didn’t like the toxic atmosphere, and left. Probably to never return. No amount of advertising or promotion will overcome what this ‘exclusive’ club is, and for the most part always has been. Without so many words you’re telling them if you’re not one of us or prepared to become one of us you’re not welcome.

Without some serious rethinking of the mechanincs of the game this will never be anything more than an interesting social experiment. Proof that ego, arrogance, and stupidity are not good for the advancement of anything. That’s a shame when it has the potential for so much more.

You may now flame me for the above comments.



Well … Twitter claims one thing and actively does another in that regard.

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While his approach is a bit more extreme, we have been discussing a variety of balancing mechanisms in the #think-tank, one of which is along the lines of a galaxy-wide random destruction/reshuffling of planets event.



But what is the vision of the endgame or purpose in an infinite universe then? Active players who are in conflict with similar size/strength. Isn’t this in conflict with the game that is balanced around a normal galaxy? How far are you willing to go to change the game mechanics to make and infinite galaxy balanced instead of throwing in galactic events that would punish you already small, active playerbase.

Surely you need to have my first question answered and made public before it’s worth discussion possible changes. Here and in your think-tank.



Based on my understanding, there is NO endgame, hence the term ‘never-ending galaxy.’ Infinitum is to become the training galaxy, as well as a place for those looking for something different than MW or Supernova/Draco. It is not meant to ever allow one player to control the galaxy, likely not even a group of players. The current implementation is flawed and is meant to be fixed over time as new ideas are coded then beta tested elsewhere.

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@Tezcatlipoca you are correct, we don’t want to punish players who are doing well just because they are doing well.

However, we also don’t want to punish small player who are already at a disadvantage, especially late joiners. If we do that there would be no point in joining.

The middle ground that I mentioned earlier and that @Terror_of_the_Night is referring to, is a galactic event to shake up the galaxy indiscriminately in a way that favors neither large nor small players, which is exactly what @toXinLTT suggested, though there are some other details too.

Doing this will address @Daffy’s point here:

This captures the essence of the problem well, and is something others pointed out even during the original test: with no balancing mechanic, the galaxy will reach a point in which the top players are dominant and untouchable.

If that’s the result, #infinitum is not much different than a regular galaxy.

That’s a little brash, but it points out a basic flaw with IC that we’ve talked about before but haven’t done a whole lot to fix yet: activity is far more important than skill if you want to win.

One of the biggest things Infinitum is giving us is the ability for the game’s problems to bubble up to the surface without a round reset clearing the symptoms. Any solution we apply to Infinitum will be something we can also apply to the other galaxies in some way.

@Protoss, the purpose of an Infinite galaxy is ultimately to provide a form of Imperial Conflict that is closer to an open universe simulation than a timed competition with end ranks.

Galactic Events by their nature are both potentially good and bad. It would only be punishment if it targeted top players, which isn’t the plan.

We will be changing the game mechanics, but not only to Infinitum’s benefit.

I would only change this to say that it’s not meant to allow one player or group to control the galaxy permanently. Short term dominance should be possible; it’s the ability to outgrow all possible threats that we want to prevent.

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@Daffy, I’ve posted the details for Galactic Event: Planet Death but I do think your idea here as a separate feature is worth discussing. I see this appropriate as a random Galactic Event though, not a guaranteed timed feature.

The question is, to what extent should we target top players for being on top? “Most of their planets” seems excessively harsh, and would probably see those players quit.

I’m not a fan of punishing top players so directly, but I think there’s merit to the idea if done carefully.

One thing that comes to mind is a risk of impact that scales according to rank, but never reaches 100%. So even a small or mid-range player can also have this happen, but is less likely to.

If a top player is sufficiently prepared, they could bounce back. This would balance out their higher risk.

That risk itself if done within a random galactic event would mean that a top player could also get lucky and dodge any impact at all, though over time they’d be more and more likely to get hit at least once.



I would just stop playing if this happened to me, I suspect thst would be the case for most players.

But I have suggested a similar concept where you don’t lose everything in the feedback threads when this was in test.

The basic idea is that the top x% of players lose say 50-75% their planets every month or so.
Those players gain a score or point or special tag and possibly some other minor benefit like a stacking 1% income/resource bonus.
Idea is based on the alternative advancement systems many other games use like the paragon system in diablo 3 and gives some reward and recognition for doing well the game, but keeps balance in place.



That’s an awesome idea @TIF, I must have missed that.

It sounds like a form of ascension. That could be a good compliment to Achievements.

You should post it in #roadmap:ideas so we can hash out those details. :slight_smile: I can see multiple features mitigating this problem alongside each other.



To add onto tif idea and maybe change the whole ranking system in the galaxy…

Allow to donate planets and that gives points instead. donate cash em in per say.

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Maybe not instead of, but we could definitely make an Ascension or “exchange” point rank that appears alongside the other ranks. :+1:

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Raised it here

Infinitum - Ascension (player reset and alternative advancement mechanic)