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Pie has a different view (compared to the IC of old) on how Tools can be used in Imperial Conflict. It’s encouraged to use what data is available, and let the creative juices flow to see how our lives can be made easier :stuck_out_tongue:

If you want some background on this, you can check out these posts:

One key component of this new philosophy is:

As such, starting a thread here to list and compile all the Tools available to us. Feel free to post in this thread, and I will update the first post accordingly.

Tools List:

Description Link From Notes
Mass Fleet Sender @Belg
News Analyser @TIF Based on
IC Map Gen Malorean Map files also available, courtesy @exceed
MW Networth Tracking TIF’s Really Long Link @TIF

I would be willing to host IC Map Gen on my website but I can’t afford to pay for the website. I still have domain name but not server yet. I stopped hosting because of budget. I’m aware that there is cheaper plan but I just don’t have room in my budget.

Also, I kept bugging Pie about bringing back IC Map Gen and it’s not top of the list to do unfortunately. I have trouble creating map file on this because I don’t fully understand how it works for creating map. However, I can understand that Pie is tryng to add more useful tools inside IC rather than external tools and I support that 100%.

News Analyzer should be included in IC.

However, if IC Map Gen is coming back, then great! I’ll see if I can host it or not.

made some quick changes… you can download the dat file if you don’t fully understand how to make it.
For now it will work, i’ve put the .exe there as well

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Legend :+1:

I don’t think this will be needed once rivan makes his new tool.
But here is a link to the mw tracking data.
It has a txt file and sql lite dB file, updated hourly.!AFmhcWxshScfFNA&id=9A8D8A5FD74D9410!21790&cid=9A8D8A5FD74D9410

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Thanks! Added!

Almost 10k fleets sent using this tool in the last 30 days…

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dam computers and tools are taking over the world enough already no need to make this game so easy that no one has to think for themselves or put in any hard work still.

Absolutely. Damn computers taking over the world. Let’s just go back to playing chess face-to-face and give up this online malarkey.

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The internet is a fad