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1st sorry for my english.

Ok, i saw alot of topic about “how to make this game more balance”.
For me the game itself already balance, but the people are not.
So i’ll share my knowledges about this game.


1st u need to know the formula for inra cost.
Cost = (normal cost x (1+construction cost%) / (1+con%)
1+Construction cost& = 1+(((Ur nw - 10000)/10000)/100)
1+con% = 1+(con/100)

So if u have 1042332 NW with 61% con, ur cost for 1 CF =
Gc = (120x(1+(103.2332/100)) / 1.61 = (120x2.032332)/1.61 = 151gc
Iron = (10x2.032332)/1.61 = 12.623 iron
Endu = (1x2.032332)/1.61 = 1.26 endu

Conclusion :
Less nw will give u cheaper infra.
1m nw = 99% con
Better have more than 1 banker/ressie in fam for cheaper infra.

2nd. Income formula
Income = (100+ (pop/30) + (CashFactories * 8)) * (1+RaceBonus/100%) * (1+(2 * TaxOffices/(TotalBuildings + 1))) * (1+ EconomyScience%/100%)

The easyway to read that formula =
Ex =
U have 50% income bonus race, 20% TO ratio, 80% eco bonus, 100k CF, 500k pop
== CF ==
Income = (8 x (1+racebonus%) x (1+(2xTO ratio%)) x (1+eco bonus%)) x CF
= (8 x 1.5 x 1.4 x 1.8) x 100000 = 3.024.000 gc
== Pop ==
Income = (Pop/30) x (1+racebonus) x (1+(2xTO ratio%)) x (1+eco bonus%)
= (500000/30) x 1.5 x 1.4 x 1.8 = 63.000 gc

Total income = 3.024.000 + 63.000 = 3.087.000
If u only have LQ and TO only, u can skip CF

3rd. Science formula
Science% = 100 * (1 - exp(-RP / (100 * networth)))
U can make excel for that formula.

I’ll share my excel for infra cost (including OB cost), science, fleet cost, and income

I’ll share more soon.
Fleet calculator, infra and attacking strat, etc
Like this :
Race = 50% att bonus + 55% Military + NF + FA + War Tag
5000 Bomber
351106 Fighter
231392 Soldier
456702 Droid
14000 Transport
12345 #1111

Air Battle
260 bombers crashed from defending fighters
18282 fighters lost dogfights against the defending fighters
1457 transporters didn’t manage to hide from the defending fighters
35709 defending fighters were shot down by the attacking air forces

You started the fight with 14000 transporters, but only 12543 made it to the ground.
24082 soldiers died trapped in those transports
47530 droids lies wrecked in those crashed transports

4890 attacking soldiers ate lead from the defenders
9652 attacking droids malfunctioned
2184 soldiers died in the fight to defend the planet
24255 droids failed in their program to defend the planet

and this

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I hope pie can make Planet’s Page more easier to select and block.
So we don’t need to input 1 by 1 on excel.
U know what i mean pie :smiley:

  1. Banking

Being a banker is a boring job.
Build infra, aid, and get raided.
U just a bitch :smiley:

== Science ==
For me science is very important.
As CF Banker, i always keep my science 100% on con till i get 60% or 67% con.
Why 60% or 67%?
60% con will get u 10 ticks only for TO and 25 ticks for portal.
or 67% for 3 ticks CF + 24 ticks portal.

Infra time = normal time / (1+con%)
or Infra time = normal time / time u want
Ex :
Portal = 40 ticks
If u want 24 hrs portal = 40 / 24 = 1.66 = 67% con

Mostly fam start with 2 or 3 bankers.
And @bor, ressie need 11-12 ticks for infra.
Ur leader always want to waste all stuff, so with more con u can ob ur planets to 100-200% while u waiting ur expo ready.

So if round start with 50x+ starting resources, for every 4 ships, get 1 science planet. Or if round start with less than 50x, do it @2nd or 3rd wave expo.

Also eco bonus will boost alot if u already have TO. So don’t bother with eco bonus at least till u have enough TO.

When i should build TO?
Like eco bonus, TO will boost only small income if u have little CF.
Ex :
U have 10k CF with 50% income race bonus.
Ur income = (8 x 1.5) x 10k = 120k gc
If u build 5k TO
5k TO = 5k/15k = 33.33% = 66.66% ratio
Income = (8 x 1.5 x 1.6666) x 10000 = 199992k gc
Not much right, and u wasted alot of time and iron for it.
Ur fam need fast gc @bor, so stick with CF and 100% con.
Usually i started building TO when i got 60% con, or at least till i have 50k CF.
Or if ur leader NAP every fam, well… u can start it faster.

==TO ratio==
I dont really care about this.
I start with full CF 1 week after round start.
After that, i’ll go 50% with TO on my new planets.
When my ressie make enough iron, i’ll go 100%-150% with TO on my new planets.
It depend on ur con and iron income.
The number keep getting high with more con and more iron.
Usually with that strat, i ended with 30-35% TO ratio.

Pop Banking.

As a popper, i even expo more science. 2 science for every 4 ships.
I never set my science to eco/welfare.
Always 100% con.
I kept my con @60% or even higher @78% con (for 9 ticks TO).
Popper always be a person with less income in ur fam. U dont need to worry about that, ur fam got backup from CF banker.
All u need to do is get more planets. Faster u get planets, faster ur pop will grow, especially u r pax.

The strat :
From @bor.

  • Expo = 2 science for every 4 ships.
    With that, u can go high OB with CF per planet.
    Max OB = 200%.
  • Keep monitoring ur planets, if ur planet’s pop near max, demo 20% CF of ur planet size, replace it with LQ. Keep doing it till ur planet filled 100% with LQ.
    Ex :
    U got 250 planet size, already 200% OB with CF (750 infra)
    When ur pop near maxed, demo 50 CF, replace with 50 LQ. If near maxed again, demo another 50 CF, and replace it with LQ.
  • If u already got 250 LQ on that planet, then next step is to replace another 250 CF with 250 TO.
    Then u’ll have 250 LQ + 250 TO + 250 CF.
  • After that i’ll save again, demo 250 CF and replace it with 250 TO.
  • Then full save for 400% OB with LQ, or even higher 500%.
  • While u do that, keep OB ur science. Usually i put LQ 1x and TO 1x on science planets.
    Ex :
    250 size on science planets.
    FB with RC, 100% with LQ, 200% with TO, the rest with RC 700% OB.
  • 1 tick before u jump, demo all RC. Next tick, just input 500% on all planets with LQ.
  • Then i only OB the rest science planets with TO, 500% max

With that strat, u’ll get 35%-40% TO ratio (Science planets = 0-FB with LQ, 500% with TO, the rest planets = 100% with TO, 500% with LQ).
If u done, all u need to do is funding gc to science to get 50% eco and 50% welfare.
Tips for funding science :
Welfare only update 1x per day.
@GMT 0 = 2AM
Ex =
In Texas GMT-6 = 8PM
or in Singapore (my time GMT +8) = 10AM

So only put 100% on welfare 6 hrs before welfare update, after that 100% on eco again to get better result.

I used that strat with 78% con and i reached 22m per tick before MOR with revalon.


But sometimes popper use 1x jump for entire round for cheap infra.
Ex :
100% planets OB with TO + 200% with CF, then save for 500% LQ, then demo CF for better TO ratio.

For me its not effective. U only make less gc before u jump. Yeah in the end the result only good for u, but not for ur fam.
And u need more time to max ur pop.
If u aid more, u’ll jump faster.

Conclusion =

  • Never be RC banker in fam round galaxy. RC Banker will cost u alot for infra. More NW means more construction cost.
    RC banker only work in SN.
  • Science always good for any role. And as a banker, stick with 100% con till u get 60% as CF banker, 60% or 78% as Popper. More con not only for cheap infra too, but also for cheap fleet.

Ok, a bit sleepy now.
I want to share my attacking strat and formula for fleet calculator.
But some people told me don’t share it lol
Ok then, maybe after next round

I can do it and give you credits :slight_smile: