The reason this game is over

and i didnt use any opps… saw empty planets and went for them … simple… 2 whole planets…

such a brittle spirit

That was first attack I did on you all round TYMO, and if you look in your own fam news it was because 2 ticks earlier you took 2 of my planets… Dont go crying when you start something.

Farming small fams has always been in the game sadly, we have all been on the giving and recieving end. There is occasions where big fams go to far for sure.

Reason #865 why things are the way they are…


younger of Jesse_James (#7173)

Promise i wont hit you guys hard at all i need to cancel on all non pnaped fams to gain small amount from each

These people really like to play with themselves, have fun

TYMO - does whatever, gets stuff blown up, NAPs no one, invites problems

People - do stuff



I want to make a note: first you tried to clean me twice … there was no way I could wait to try a third before cleaning me. And then I suggested that we stop this war before anyone attacks us. I agree that you would finally win, but my goal was to show that I was not an easy target. It is unfortunate that this happened, but in the end it is a game of short rounds. It’s worse if you’ve been playing a round for half a year and it happens. Despite the reports, I have no bad feelings for you. Good luck

Lmao, classic Cells.

Lmfao guess i could not have gave you a free 48hr earlier in round and let you fill systems i was clearing right after we signed our nap so you never even got a chance at a round. Probably could have just mailed you at all and farmed you like most would.
Whats wrong with someone telling you they will barley attack you? Maybe you should offer planets for a pnap.

I gave many fams free naps this round and am behind in planet count i was overly kind to every family for the last few rounds and hurt my own families for it so i guess yes lol like blonde said classic me

Tymo naps people lol i gave him a free nap this round as well as last​:joy::smile:

Maybe we should get rid of naps entirely for a round. That would be interesting.


can not agree more daylight… imo we need to find a way to make war more frequent but less fatal, maybe no naps would help to achieve that.

people would still make agreements on the side

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We need to deter passivity.

I remember wrestling in high school, if nothing was happening in the match, you could be penalized for being too passive. It made it so that playing it safe was not a viable strategy.

We face a similar problem but with no counterbalance: people diplo their way to the top, sit on massive economies, and become fairly untouchable for smaller families.

Disabling official NAPs will help a bit, but @SCORP is correct that people will just make side deals. What we really need is to remove the incentive for making such deals.

The question is, how? :thinking:

I’ve added a thread here: Fleet/Unit Complacency to potentially address this.

Other ideas are more than welcome in #roadmap:brainstorming.

@thisyearsmostopen, thank you for your insight.

let me apologize for canceling the nap but i hope you understand i am not out to crush your family and hope i have proven this round to everyone im never out to do that.
We gave you a free nap and many other fams a free nap because we were so much larger.

My family gave the easy win away and probably cost ourselves the win but that’s ok with me because we gave many players a much longer and fun round then they would have had if we just attacked our way early to victory.

It is no doubt that allowing 76 to gain planets and pop would hurt our chance at winning when we were making 4x the amount they were when we argued about swaps. They probably now have the infra to win the round.
We allowed 79 to portal and keep infra almost catching ours before we canceled.

My point is im not sure how we ruined “ic” when thats the opposite of my goals and hope you can see it through my families eyes


people this is a war game… some rounds u do good some rounds u do bad…if u try to make it to level people will lose interest… what people are wanting is a kind of socialism… everyone has the same things… you keep on changing thinsg to make it better for people who have issues… everyone else though changes their strats and learns from their mistakes… your always going to have those people who just are never happy and cry when they dont get their way… there is nothing wrong with this game other than not as many people play as in old days… and thats just cause game play as a whole has changed over the years… that basic foundation of this game is what makes it good for the people who play…people need to make better naps and learn to adjust their strats every round … considering we end up playing with different levels of players each round… with diff strengths and weakness…


We definitely don’t want to force equal outcomes. However, certain parts of IC have always been imbalanced.

We’re not changing things to benefit people who have issues, we’re changing things to benefit everybody. It’s true that we will lose some players if we make changes, but we will also lose players if we don’t. We’ve been losing those players for years.

We can keep both groups happy though. If players out there want to play the same version of the game, with all its flaws, we can split the game into galaxies with different setups. That is a long term goal of ours.

Yeah removing naps would be great but its still on the players to not make shady side deals.
The problem with only 50 players playing is that 30 of us are all friendly with the other 30. The same people that will ask for an enforcable no naps round would be the first ones making shady side deals with their neighbours when joining said galaxy…

Ourselves (79) this round have made no deals with any fams and have no allies, it’s made for an extremely fun round and constantly having targets makes for the most enjoyable rounds, and you can see from our current planet count. Its doing us well. Others need to realise having these deals and allies causes your own restriciton.

If people want to have mass pacts with all your friends request to open a galaxy for a 1 v 1 fam of 15/20 people each.

As Pie says, we need to penalise the families that are making no attacks…Blowing X% of a random infra type every 24 hours or something. Then there is exploits to that where 2 fams could agree to swap planets every day. There is a solution out there its just thinking of it haha.


Neither the game, community, or administration at this point can be fixed enjoy your free time tymo…

So what are you doing here, exactly @Vash_the_Stampede?

Instead of being such a nay-sayer, why not help? We have a @Release_Team to help guide development efforts, and even @Airwing is helping out.

At least @thisyearsmostopen provided a specific critique on game functionality.

Come on old vet, show us how it’s done. :ic_tongue: