The reason this game is over

who knows if this is the right forum for this.

but in a nutshell this is why this game will never ever be able to retain returning players and is a couple of steps from being 404 forever.

so here I am in a small family 7175 - small core - got cleared from 2 systems by 7186 early on, waited til after the expo phase to hit them back - after a slow 10 day ping pong battle over a few planets we are finally getting the upper hand on them.

and here it goes.

we have a small core with no shares, and out of nowhere

tick 577 attacked by BLONDEjr of family 7176
tick 579 attacked by Raptor of family 7179
tick 580 attacked by MountainDew of family 7172

and there you have it - this little losers friends club strikes again - the game is so low on numbers that a good 75% of the gal just nap and basically IA each other, proof they even gave me in glee

message from: TRUMP2020 of [BLONDEjr
i have plenty of time

for one
Active NAPs
We have a 72 Turn NAP with Family #[ANZAC] Foolish Deleters (7187)
We have a 72 Turn NAP with Family #Pandemic (7178)
We have a 72 Turn NAP with Family #The Atom Family (7180)
We have a 72 Turn NAP with Family #Trying NW drop (7184)
We have a 72 Turn NAP with Family #I drink alone (7182)
We have a 72 Turn NAP with Family #Milkyway Outlaws (7173)
We have a 48 Turn NAP with Family #Whore Yourself For Me (M&M) (7189)
We have a 48 Turn NAP with Family #The Illuminati Project @ (7185)
We have a 48 Turn NAP with Family #SchnaxelIiWHAT??? (7170)
We have a 48 Turn NAP with Family #Dinos (7179)

how sad is that ? never seen that many naps when we had 50X the playerbase - how pathetic

I actually feel sorry for the admin who seems to care and is apparently hit in the pocket to keep this game up. but right now its pigs in mud and most of you are just going to roll it in.

thanks to Alena who was a very good player in my fam this round, sadly he/she is in the minority left in this once great game.

the rest of you deserve each other.


What needs to happen to allow this game to flourish again is a gentleperson’s agreement between players not to hit small fams…

This MW round had an obvious split… early on top 5 pulled away, and they really should not NAP each other and look to attack each other (this has sort of morphed into a top 3). There was also a middle 10 of fams 6-15 (some of which have dropped behind a bit due to some inactivity or raiding by top 5) who could have had a fun round together, warring/naps.nap breaks/etc…

I am not sure how we combat the need to the top 3-5 fams to have to hit all the smaller fams, it is an eternal question. I am wondering if there could be a way for fams to create a limited market, so us middle fams can work as a big fam with intra-fam aiding, and so compete with the super active

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how about you just have 2 fams of 20 players and ban naps - thats the only way you will stop this friends club being the cancer of the game.

either way - im out - wasted far to much time the past few months and then it finally dawns on me that this means nothing, especially with whats happening in the world, why i let a few of this games players piss me off i dont know, shame on them anyway.


I honestly don’t know what to say, it was a fun war at first until we became targeted by the top 5.



just for the record … i saw that there was planets to explore, i sent eships… the planets that was explored by someone i was not napped to i resent fleets… 2 whole planets i took off him…

then he sent me a ingame message saying i was IA… so then i pout the presure on him…

well he didnt want to bend the knee it seems lol

you knew exactly what you were doing - thats why it was a coordinated strike within 2hrs by 3 other fams.

a planet blow up in the middle of my core tells you we are at war, there is no coincidence that all this happened how it did.

no doubt you would use me clearing you as an excuse to OH us, that is what you wanted - i saw it a mile off.


2 fams of 20 would be fun for those in the top 5… I am more for these small fams, we just need a good way to ensure the top players actually battle each other… and multiple times.

1 of the many many issues is that top fams will war each other just out of expo, one will win and they P-NAP, rinse & repeat a few times and they get no top fam targets left, and 2+ weeks left in the round. Or they decide on a P(ish)-NAP at start until 1 week before EOR… so the big fams run out of things to do

This round has shown me that there is about 10-15 players who ruin the fun for the 30-35 other players who could have a fun round with each other… but those 10-15 players need a challenge too…

Maybe, need quick rounds for the top/competitive tier with 2 fams of 7ish people, and then us mid/social-tier can play in a slower “classic” round of 3-5 members per fam

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Am I missing something? Is there a friends club at the top? I don’t like anybody here :stuck_out_tongue:

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just same people not happy when they cant play the game how THEY want to … THEY want everything to always go their way

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I guess you can’t blame them … how nice would that be!?

and i didnt use any opps… saw empty planets and went for them … simple… 2 whole planets…

such a brittle spirit

That was first attack I did on you all round TYMO, and if you look in your own fam news it was because 2 ticks earlier you took 2 of my planets… Dont go crying when you start something.

Farming small fams has always been in the game sadly, we have all been on the giving and recieving end. There is occasions where big fams go to far for sure.

Reason #865 why things are the way they are…


younger of Jesse_James (#7173)

Promise i wont hit you guys hard at all i need to cancel on all non pnaped fams to gain small amount from each

These people really like to play with themselves, have fun

TYMO - does whatever, gets stuff blown up, NAPs no one, invites problems

People - do stuff



I want to make a note: first you tried to clean me twice … there was no way I could wait to try a third before cleaning me. And then I suggested that we stop this war before anyone attacks us. I agree that you would finally win, but my goal was to show that I was not an easy target. It is unfortunate that this happened, but in the end it is a game of short rounds. It’s worse if you’ve been playing a round for half a year and it happens. Despite the reports, I have no bad feelings for you. Good luck

Lmao, classic Cells.

Lmfao guess i could not have gave you a free 48hr earlier in round and let you fill systems i was clearing right after we signed our nap so you never even got a chance at a round. Probably could have just mailed you at all and farmed you like most would.
Whats wrong with someone telling you they will barley attack you? Maybe you should offer planets for a pnap.

I gave many fams free naps this round and am behind in planet count i was overly kind to every family for the last few rounds and hurt my own families for it so i guess yes lol like blonde said classic me

Tymo naps people lol i gave him a free nap this round as well as last​:joy::smile: