Taylor (Maine Coon Mix)

One or two months after one of our cats passed away. We miss Baxter so much. I remember one day, I decided to shave Baxter and threw him on my wife Becky while she was sleeping. She woke up and saw Baxter. Her expression was priceless. She was so mad at me for it. LoL

By the way, this is what Baxter look like:

We miss Baxter so much. We decided to adopt a cat a month after Baxter passed away. I found her on shelter in West Virginia. Her name is Taylor. We were told that no one wanted her as they look for younger kitten. She is 2 years old, assuming that’s her age. She was in bad shape. She had ear mites. Her fur was matted. We took her home and took care of her. She didnt have much fur (I think she was shaven to fix bad matted fur when she was first found). I’m surprised shelter didnt take care of ear mites. We think shelter people overlooked the ear mites. Anyway, we got her. Mia did not like Taylor at all. Keep chasing after her and trying to pick a fight. We decided to keep Mia in guest bedroom for a while, allowing Taylor to explore the house. Taylor got better and better. She has huge fluffy hair! Of course, you expect that from Maine Coon mix. She shed a lot of hair more than other cats! She get matted fur from time to time. She is a lot of work!

Here is two pictures of Taylor!

I swear 4 cats is enough! I have cat crazy lady wife! :stuck_out_tongue:

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my wife just corrected me, the shaved bax was not from me, it was from vet, she will find right picture, sorry i got confused lol

4 doesn’t make her a crazy cat lady, from time to time I have 7-8-9 cats inside… However my situation is a little different and they don’t stay inside long :slight_smile:
Pretty cats, looks like you are having a good time with them.

Lovit! the shaved body and the hairy head makes the cat look like a little Lion loollll