(sXc) anyone still around after all these years?


played many years ago as part of the (sXc) alliance
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History with Imperial Conflict

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If you’re a returning player, are there any empires that you remember and/or notable families that you allied or warred against? What’s your favorite style of play? Fondest IC Memory?

If you’re a new player, what are you hoping to get out of the game?

Other Hobbies

What do you like to do your spare time?

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Welcome back, pull up a chair, stay awhile. :hugs:

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Welcome back Wes!

I think you are wrong here haha

Nightwing =/= Nightwish

Started in the Beta times…as Babylon 5…met Carpathian and times was…
fun times




I’ve returned again lol, been a while, I too used to play in the early days, also did fast tic game at the weekends, leader of Maddogs back in the day lol

im still around:)

Terror of the The Night (Harkonnen) aka Buccaneer Jean Lafitte (Tortuga Nebula Thugs) reporting in Sir. Been around off an on since Beta 3 of Milky Way.