Supernova Round 38 - Start - tick by tick



I’ll be recording my start once again tick by tick. It won’t be completely live because I want to keep an edge :smiling_imp:

Suggestions for further optimization welcome.

This built is developed around a few key goals:

  • I am from the Netherlands, so I want to sleep t=7 (1:00 am) till t=13 (7:00 am)
  • start of round is gc heavy (expos, portals) so I want to maximize gc production
  • starting resources are gc heave, you have more gc than you can burn on the ressies you have and the planets you can explore.

Going with high science helps with previous targets. While I sleep construction science builts. I can actually get my cons so far up that the balance shifts to a point where I can still fb mostly cf but will have resources to spare.



Also killed all wizards

Here I realize I made an error. Was expecting 50% cons. Consequently my expos won’t finish in 4 ticks, but ticks from now… This limits my expo range 1 tick lateron.

Besides 7 expos I also queue 115 cf to get half built t=6. Saving around 4500 gc compared to building at t=1.

Built 1 expo

~ updates will follow


You rock x Selene


This is an excellent way for those not as experienced to read along and learn how things are done. Thanks for doing this.


Will add missing ticks later

Still got enough ressies for another 600 cf. On a regular built it will take probably another 12 ticks to get 6k iron.

With the cf I made I can probably built those cf in the coming 6 ticks. Basicly creating a 14 tick income advantage.


5 hf added

8 CF added


Aww man this Restore really messes this up.


Yeah, really had to think a minute. Good thing I am online… anyway doing tick 14 built again with 87% cons at tick.





update? :slight_smile:


Will add a few more screens up to tick 24. Beyond that it’s too sensitive to share.

Will be top dog again in 3 ticks :wink:


I figured, just wanted to get my pic in there before you did.


Seems to be working out pretty solid for you @The_LiGhTgUnS :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure if nuking top 5 at delay lift qualifies as solid strategy :smiling_imp: