Supernova 41

Going to get some conversation going here for the new Supernova 41.

Map has already been created, 40 family spots down from 50 from last round. Galaxies are at 500 with 5 planets per system, total number of planets 2500. Since round is ending an we are still in expo phase.

Only race is going to be the Quezian.

Market Open
master Race only
10x resources
8 exploration Ships on hand.
4 week long

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Whats evolve ? Can we do fighters lasers 3/4 costs?

I think I kind of get it sounds fun if I can get it into a family with others I’m thinking resources turns camaar but idk yet Could go rev turn to pop any way I’m old school never player those rules can someone explain it too me switch when you want or what?

Evolve is when you can change your race.

No we are not going to change the cost of things, would mess everyone’s spreadsheets up. This is a ss galaxy meaning self sufficient, your on your own

So, we are allowed to evolve from Quezian to Quezian. Nice. :wink:

What were the stats/opps/spells/etc for Quezian btw?

you make a good point that i overlooked :smiley:



When will this be open to join?

Will open it up to join probably tonight or tomorrow, round might start as early as Wednesday or Thursday. Working out some gremlins

I’ll take a round off and leave it open for someone else to win :slight_smile:


Constructive criticism:

Expo phase lasted too long again, perhaps because we did not have every spot filled and everyone did not compete.

Make less spots into next SS galaxy. Perhaps 20 is enough to get everyone in, who really want to compete? Or just make the galaxy smaller in amount of planets.

Small systems are good, because then ppl like me can not hoard so many planets with one portal in there.

How about, a round like this but it is also qualifying for the next round top 10-15 play in a special round, and then another 15-20 player round as further qualifying, where top 5 replace bottom 5 in top gal… rinse repeat for a bit… top gal is low systems, low planets… qualifying gal is higher planets, higher systems… so can add in more people as needed… can add a third tier when things take off