Supernova 40

Supernova is open for business.


Map Settings

Planets per system? 6
Number of families? 50 available slots
Number of draft spots? 0

Time Settings

Number of weeks? 4
Start Date? 7-18-20
End date: 8-15-20
Offensive operations delay? 72
Science Funding Delay? none

Other Settings

Market enabled or disabled? enabled
Starting source multiplier? 10x
Morale Formula enabled or disabled? enabled
Max defense stations? 2
evolves 1
custom races ok

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no quezians ? :open_mouth:
then don’t call it supernova pls

There were Two Settings of supernova, one with Quezians only then we switched to custom races. This round will be custom races.

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Supernova also had many many rounds of not fixed race as quezians :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

first +20 rounds of supernova was quezians only. never known it with custom races… probably stopped playing when the round started with custom races.
A poll would have been great for the restart of supernova.

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Blame me :joy::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: I bugged and pushed soul to bring it back so it was probably rushed a bit but at least its back and we can ask for quez next round!

Wasn’t there a bug issue with quez for a while? Thought thats why it stopped

T 3

T 5

@Soull possibility to postpone end date as same end date of andromeda?

By this rate we won’t have explored all pl by eor date that is now 8-15-20

When the time comes we can reevaluate. Was planning on having SN run in the middle of the main galaxy so we have a galaxy running at all times.

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Galaxies should be staggered imo so if it takes one awkward round of sn, so be it