Supernova 33 Setup Polls


Final results will be based on the vote tallies but may not necessarily reflect every winning option. Tied results will be decided on a case by case basis.

You only have to vote about the options you care about.

For those who haven’t played before, Supernova is a solo galaxy. Please keep that in mind as you vote for your preferred setup.


The following settings will not be voted on:

  • Map: 100x100
  • Offensive Action Delay: 7 Days
  • Market Delay: None
  • Morale Formula: Classic
  • Unofficial Alliances: Allowed
  • Round Length: 6 Weeks
  • Cores: 3
  • Max Defense Stations: 3

Starting Resources

  • Normal
  • 2x
  • 3x
  • 5x
  • 10x
  • 20x
  • 50x
  • 100x

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Minimum Planets Per System

This is the lower range of planets per system. Any system will have at least this many planets.

  • 1
  • 7
  • 10

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Maximum Additional Planets per System

This is the upper range of planets per system in addition to the minimum. Any system will have at most this many additional planets.

  • 0
  • 3

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Any chance on making it hardcore?

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And minute ticks :yum: with 100 expos to start with :rofl:

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The 100 eships were a nice addition to last SN round but 1 minute might a bit much hehe.

SN on hyper mode might be good though.

Last round was boring due to two factors:
100 explo ships to start allowed everyone to claim and fill all the systems around them quickly making basically a fortress. A lot of players sat in their 100-200 planets and didn’t do much…
That was compounded by allowing UA, so you basically had guys sitting on their planets funding other people for unfair fights. I’m not complaining, I did just fine, but it was certainly boring.
Perhaps neither factor alone was a problem but both together seemed to be.
Instead of UA whatever happened to good old Allies, 2 max?

Also, this round should be on the hyper server I agree :slight_smile:

I agree that after week 2 everything got boring fast, hence why I thought making it hardcore because life is no fun playing SS on 200-400 planets and wanting to go after systems. Ingame aiding (no market aiding) and hardcore mode are things that could spice it up.

More race points could also help because I have not been able to make a custom race that would allow decent GC income, research, attacking, ops and speed bonus. Which are all parts that make IC good and in a fam you have access to all these parts of the game through the different players with specialized races.

Playing as SS you either need all those parts for yourself or more integration with players (direct aiding) so they can specialize like in a fam setup.

The Allies feature doesn’t work anymore unfortunately; we can change things up but only in terms of current galaxy settings.

Same issue here. While I agree, changing the code here wouldn’t be ready in time.

Can definitely do hyper. HC might make more sense now as well, given that newbies can now start in Manthano.

So maybe:

  • Move galaxy to hyper server.
  • Make galaxy Hardcore.

Another suggestion: Limit planets per system. Instead of 10-13 as voted here, we could do 1-3. We tried this in Delirus to great effect imo. The game sometimes does tend to become a planet hoarding situation, which is indeed boring. Fewer available planets = lower available resources over all = increased opportunity for conflict.

We could even increase the amount of systems compared to normal. It would shift the round more towards a battle of systems than just a battle of planets.

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And the smaller systems woud be a nice improvement in my eyes too.

Sound like good improvements to me, I wonder what the others think. Hyper is a good way to play but its quite faster than the usual game.

  • Classical
  • Hyper

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After playing one really intens hyper round i am voting for classic.

I need the sleep :slight_smile:

I tend to dip in and out of playing. Miss a few rounds, play a few rounds. I like the idea of hyper but it’s nearly impossible in my line of work. I don’t have access to the internet for 5-6 hours at time. By the time I get back online the game has already gone away from me. I shall therefore be voting classic.

I’ve been hesitantly considering running both at the same time. I do worry a bit about option overload with too many galaxies, but with MW as a stable fallback, SN could be our place to experiment.

It was kind of the point of the tick split after all; letting those who prefer high intensity to play with/against others who want the same. Meanwhile, the slower classic style can be for a more casual round for those who prefer that.

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Super nova challange:

Win chaos, hyper and classic variant in parallel :slight_smile:

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@The_LiGhTgUnS, then presumably die of exhaustion?

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Supernova 33 has been created.

Given this conversation, I’ve opted to deviate from the poll’s results regarding planets per system.

The round can be further discussed here.