Strategy Guide for new players

Strategy Guide for new players

by Kollop

This is dated *Feb 2011 and edited by Kollop Dec 2012, wasn’t too bad back then I guess, it was made a sticky. Kollop was pretty good. There is no reason why the discussion or anything you want to add can’t be added here :point_down:, feel free.

CF bankers usually build until they are 700% OB using 0>100>300>700 but you can adapt accordingly

:rofl: make that 1500% :sunglasses: stopped reading there.

Yeah it’s a guide for new players, not n00b players. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For new players it’s actually quite nice

You stop at 1500%? Stopped reading there.

Indeed, also if Lightguns actually kept reading, I believe Kollop explains that you can build over 700% lol, there’s also a pop banking strat further down which, unfortunately, isn’t stickied. :wink:

Yeah, if you jump further fams cancel on you when you just burned your savings.

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When did we start calling 1.6 billion gc and 40m iron savings?