• AKA: Squirrel, Amaryl
  • From: Sweden
  • Years active: 2000-2016
  • Roles: Retired Admin, Retired Dev, Retired Mod, Retired Player

Stefan was one of the two original Imperial Conflict Administrators. Together, with MasterMike, he founded Imperial Conflict in February 2000.

A few years into the game, Stefan had all but disappeared from the public side of the community. MasterMike had long since departed, and the mod team for the most part ran the game. Stefan was still present however, and would actively handle more severe incidents such as critical bugs or game outages.

Stefan was the primary admin, effectively being the single owner of the game, until 2016 when he agreed to I_like_pie’s offer to purchase Imperial Conflict.

Stefan made and released two other games besides Imperial Conflict; Dragon Lords and Final Conquest. These are considered by some to be IC’s sister-games.


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