Stasis field - alternative to vacation mode?


Is this a viable alternative to vacation mode? Trying to think of something that will work to protect empires that are unable to access the game due to forced real life stuff without being exploitable.

Have a stasis field affect an empire a number of ticks (12 or 24 suggested depending on the galaxy/round length) after the last login. All production pauses. The empire is unable to be attacked. It affects all empires. The field is removed automatically on login. This would result in an active player that logs in several times a day never being affected, but if an emergency happens their empire is safe until they return. Inactives could be removed from fixed length galaxies with a bit of tweaking the current setup, taking activity up to date into account.

Made a couple of edits to add details and change the title so I’d get some sort of feedback, good or bad.

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I like the concept.

I can see something like this working, but it should also run out at some point as inactive players should become fair game eventually, if not auto-surrender entirely.

The numbers could be configurable, but a 24 minimum seems like a good starting point, with maybe an additional 48 hours before the statis wears off.

This would give a player a 72 hour window after something unexpected happens to inform the family so they can adjust accordingly.

This seems more like “emergency mode” than vacation mode though, but I think it has merit.