Starting time of rounds

With my recent screw up in sn (fell a sleep and missed my 82% construction built…), it got me thinking about sor times.

My conclusion

  • loose gmt as a time defenition. Eastern time or central European time makes much more sense. Even UK doesn’t use gmt anymore.
  • sor time should be shifted to a time a little before when most of the world can be / is online and concentrated around tick 6 activities. Tick 6 people sent out expos. Ticks leading up to it you can pretty much queue bor.
  • count down timer: the sor msg is an hour early. Change it to " supernova" is starting coming hour. Don’t be late!

Actually the UK are back on GMT, as of Sunday just gone. In any case, I agree with earlier time, the rest of the IC community doesn’t stay on until 1-3am like us.

Make it random

I don’t mind rotaring starts so everyone can try optimized starts once in a while, but completely random (no announcement) I don’t like.

I was thinking randomly generated but with an announcement. Rotating is fair as well

Ideally, if we can ever get back to a healthy player count, we could have different galaxies with start times focused on popular regions.