Starting build for Manthano?

What would you guys recommend for a new player in Manthano? How much of it do you think depends on the market?

Obviously, attacking isn’t a thing so fleet support is pretty trivial, which I’d imagine effects oct prices at least.

Any econ tips for new peeps coming in?

What starting stuff will you have? If its again 1 mill gc i would start with extreme science start and fund 365k gc into cons at start.

Assuming current round.

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Copy this guide to your HQ screen for fast lookup
Set science to 100% construction
Fund 375k gc into science
Built 1 expo ship
Raze all units except expo ships

T=2 built 115 cf

T=4 built 8 expos

T=6 cf finish, sent out expos aim for landing them all at t=13

T=7 - T12 sent out freshly built expos

T=12 raze all infra, raze all units (except expos)

T13 all expos land
You can now built all planets at 88% construction science.

Will add more lateron

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why 375k gc?

You get 88% cons at t=13 wich is 47% discount with 37,5% starting gc invested. Pretty much biggest leverage you can get.

It also leaves you with about the perfect gc / ressie ratio for building

If u want 88% con @T-13, ask ur pax to hypno u 5x @T-5
Fund 290k gc, u’ll get 88% @T-13

No ops round :rofl: makes me think custom low pop could get you better start.

Then 345k enough

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375k was more or less from experience.Ill update it with your calculation.

Nice to see 50+% cons at t=3, that means expo finish in 4 ticks and we can optimize a bit more. @Mint Can you see what you need to fund to get 66% at t=3?

How many expos does methano start off with?

All this is great but I found that when starting in Manthano that I received so much aid I couldn’t use it all.

That is the main reason to invest in science the first place. Don’t waste the gc and safe ressies so you can built more cf upfront.

I just noticed u asked that with 50% science bonus.
K, i assume -30% pop growth.