Standard TnT NAP

Standard TnT NAP.

  1. Duration: (add)
  2. Family number: (add)
  3. Family Number: (add)

Violation Compensation:
-1p Any Harm Op
-1p Any failed attack
-2p Any planet lost
-3p Core Violation (Must include planet of violation).

Confirmed and when 1-2-3 are filled in, and both leaders mail in-game.
In case of a Leadership Change, any new leader is bound by the terms of this NAP.


Save it on your PC for easy use.
Screen cap the mail and the confirmation mail if you wanna call someone a NAP breaker.

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A “Permanent Nap” or a “PermNap” or a “P-Nap” means no actions may be taken agaisnt that family for the rest of the round.

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One more thing:
The original TnT nap was like 600 words - it was a masterpiece. :mortar_board: :mortar_board:
This is a different time in the game - everything currently relevant is in the more user friendly version above.

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I usually don’t put in such big compensating, just return of planet. Most of the times its just newbies who screw up. No need for heavy punishment when someone is learning.

Also, always define the cores by listing coords. Recently I see increasingly more naps that state, core = 5 ticks around hs. This is hard to see on a map. You don’t want to take out a calculator on each attack.

You could add that for giving cancellation notices it is required to msg leader and two viceleaders.

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"Core is 5 ticks around HS"
Easy issue with that is camaar, it destroys that idea.