Space Stations/Fleet Cruisers

Space Stations
The idea is these would act like artificial planets. I imagine they should be very costly and price should depend on NW like a defense station.

They would appear in the system page just like a planet would, but with a space station graphic of course.

You will build infra on these just like a planet, maybe different prices for different sized stations. You should be able to move these space stations around to any system that you control. Perhaps the more stations you have in a system the less effective they are. Like a 25% reduction for each additional station per system.

They should be much easier to be blown up than a real planet when attacked. A few options here… make it so they cannot be taken over, only blown… or maybe make the NW threshold 75%+, or just make the outcome of taking control of the station vs blowing it like a 1 out of 5 chance of keeping it.

They should also count as a planet in your size ranking.

Fleet Cruisers
These would work similarly to Space Stations, except they can go into systems you do not own, and would act as a mobile portal. They should also be fairly expensive and price adjust to amount of NW/Planets.

You should be able to build lasers on these to protect them. And since they have a portal, your full fleet should be able to protect them. They should also travel at standard speed like a defense station…

I think they should have a limit of how far they can travel, maybe 8 to 10 tics max from your nearest portal. If they enter an enemy defense station they are immediately destroyed.

I also think they should either not be able to be taken over, or a really small chance of it, 1 out of 10 or higher.

I think you could even add a new op to cloak the Fleet Cruiser for a few ticks.

So yea … just some ideas rolling around in the old noggin.

What would a space station add to the game ? More room to build on ? Not sure what the point is tbh…

Fleet Cruisers sound very OP, perhaps if the owners of the planets in the system would get a msg that a Fleet cruiser is heading their way so they have some reaction time.

Yes, when exploration phase is over, smaller fams do not have many options to continue their growth. This would give those small fams stuck in their cores the opportunity to build extra eco to defend themselves. Maybe it would be best if the price of space stations were dependent on the family planet size count. So small fams could build them much cheaper than large fams.

Also, not everyone wants to play aggressive, I know many would just like to turtle, focus on eco and defense.

I just think there should be an alternative to growth other than through force.

I can see the value in being to increase an empire’s size through space stations once expo-phase has concluded. However, I also already see how eco players would take advantage of them. If they can be moved – and are always producing cash/resources – then wouldn’t players keep a squadron of them in motion all the time to prevent them from being attacked?

Yea, could put a cool down timer on them, or make it so they take 20+ tics to jump to a new system.