Something i found from old forum story/RP round start

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Topic: MW the live version

If you like this plz comment. I have an idea of getting input from current round happenings. Maybe if a leader wanted to include something they can msg me in game.Tim Tebow 5797 I will then try to work it into a story. It was much easier written about my own fam as i know what happens. well Here it goes.

Alert alert The sirens were going off inside the Command ship everyone stood up at the table ready to rush to their battle stations.A voice was heard and the room became silence, the voice said “this is only a test we have to be ready at any moment”.The Milky Way galaxy isnt as safe as it once was you were called here because I am putting you in charge of a planet in system (63,50) you will be required to fill this planet with infrastructures of mass quantities also to branch out and explore other planets for the Tebow family." Jets to the main deck Jets to the main deck Jets tells Pitbull to take over the meeting.When Jets reaches the main he sees a familiar ,but ugly face and is disgusted by this disturbance.The man with ugly scars caused from vicious wars speaks and says “I come in peace”.He then backs up to show some of the other crew members to Jets. “See old friend I come in peace ,but we could destroy each other.” Jets offers an alliance and Smaug declines as a very short being walks just in view. This figure was the evil mastermind Teddy who didnt say a word ,but stood there alongside his first in command Spam.Smaug warned Jets to stay away from his area or else there would be hell to pay. Jets walked back into the meeting room white as a ghost Flashy was very concerned and called for the doctor there was no answer… Flashy went down to the doctors quarters and he found him deep deep in his own blood The doctor slit his neck and was no more.

Elsewhere in the milky Way was much of the same the proccess of a command ship hovering over a system of planets and telling his family that this is where they would now live.They would need to make friends with some and foe’s with others.In some of these families a leader was chosen rather easily for others there was fights amongst themselves.One Leader named Airwing was looking for mercenaries to fight his wars for him. He went to the meanest and roughest parts of the galaxy found a couple guys one named Lee and the other named Emi he laughed again as he just formed a fearsome trio along side himself no one will beat us he thought to himself.As he was recruiting another member he met someone named AA at the time he didnt know how close they would soon become.

In a system named Fairy Tale Nightmares (11,82) some strange things were happening that would scare the bravest of beings.Ic_spyro was in charge of this family ,but they were behavin out of sorts unlike families led by him before. Was thier no boundries for these savages they didnt leave any male life behind on the planets they captured.They used thier magical powers to build and didnt rely on the strengths of the beings that lived there before.The woman were impregnated by Timmyville and Am0k and this new populateion of half-lifes would be the future. Thier friends always dreamed and were not savages they had goals to be peaceful ,but they tended to love on thier own gender a little to much.Primo barked out orders and his people would laugh others would point ,but this didnt upset Primo because he was very happy with Noir at his side.Together with Nandro they formed a threesome that could tax and build infrastructer like none before them.

Far away from the other KAOS was planning and plotting how to colonize faster then the other families.Cloud the leader wasnt the smartest ,but what he gave up with brains he made up with pure guts. He was an adventurer before his big accident ,he is still without fear ,but he forgets things he once knew. Dimple and orbit watch out for him now adays ,but they know he still wants to do so much on his own.The truth is often times they hurry to fix his mistakes.Parrot is a sly one ,but he just doesnt care like he once did.

#5817 was lost in orbit for awhile ,but found a system of planets around the (97,70) They forever changed there fam name to the dragons as they had to fight these massive dragons to control thier first planets.Ateam is hoping to find some friends soon before the enemies arise against them.Poki stands guard while Ateam sleeps nightly.

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Nice. Back in the ancient days, the forums were abundant with story telling such as this.


This is worth a read:


That’s a throwback

I miss playing ic mafia that was a lot of fun