Sneak preview

Here’s a sneak preview of the monitoring and insight stuff I’ve been working on…

It’s been bugging me that we can’t replay wars to see which systems were taken, or how families or empires grow over time.

Over the next couple of days, I’ll be releasing the live monitoring version (we need a name for it…!!) which looks at every planet every tick and record who owns it.

This will give us a tick-by-tick history of each round.

Right now I’ve got a couple of bugs (mainly that the number of systems I have doesn’t match the total number quoted by @I_like_pie ! I’ll get these squashed, and then we can get some more insight into the world of MW.

On top of this, I plan on building some early-warning alerts for my family - so rather than relying on family members watching all systems nearby, now we’ll start to get alerts when other families start encroaching on our space…


This is downright amazing!

Cc: @TIF

amazing! I love this

Nice looks pretty cool

Nice one!! :slight_smile:

Not entirely sure about this this though:

I mean, it sounds awesome and very useful, don’t get me wrong. But if everyone had something similar, and an active attacker to just keep clearing the threat - I wonder what that would mean for gameplay. Is that a direction we should head?

Interesting discussion to be had! I mean, then I guess where do you draw the line? After an alert, why not create a fleet set, for someone to just come online and click to ‘send’.

Ofcourse having activity means someone could manually be checking map and seeing the same result. But now you’re automating this, which means less active people have the same ability as the active ones - and this philosophy in general I’m all for!

Will definitely change gameplay and format though - should be interesing!

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Galactic Overseer!

? :smiley:

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Great question!

I’ve added Hiding Planet Ownership to the #to-do list, which would have implications beyond this tool.

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