Small but useful UI improvements


Here are some suggestions of small UI improvements which could be done very quickly and would help improve the interface. They don’t affect game mechanics.

  1. Add Networth to top of screen resource bar

  2. Add a xx seconds left till universe updates notice which should show up just before tick… This used to be there in old version of IC and was SUPER useful

  3. Fix OB% shown on planets page to include buildings under construction

  4. On military build page, Add (i) circle around the max (x of y) near the eships which explains that x is how many u can build with gc and y is how many u can build in the day

  5. On the planets build screen, the numbers shown about building counts in the statement:
    We have built xx buildings on this planet. The planet can easily support yy buildings; additional buildings will be very costly.
    At the moment we can build zz more buildings.
    These numbers are light colored text on a light colored background (white on blue) which makes their readability low. Please make them contrasting.

  6. Linkify empire names and family numbers in systems view page

  7. Fix the display of prices for portal construction costs. The price displayed includes OB % whereas the real price paid doesn’t.

  8. Add direct links to ‘Council’, ‘Send Aid’, ‘Fam News’ etc. in the Sidebar. Like it was in the Marble sidebar made by Sogil


I like some of these, to go along with the networth on the top bar one, I think Morale would be useful to have up there too.

I like these ideas, especially N 8, 1 click instead of 2 :grinning:

All good changes!

I find that I dont look at Fam News as often, because it’s difficult to get there. But in the old times, when it was one click, it was like my most used page after HQ. Important to see what’s going on!