Shorter building times for 1-planet empires

The Problem

First-time players often bounce out because they don’t want to wait several hours to see anything happen.

The Solution

Introduce a galaxy setting that adds empire size as a factor to determine building times. The goal should be that empire with only 1 planet should be able to build much faster, if not immediately (1-tick minimum).

I see so far 2 ways to make this work:

  1. Hardcoded logic. 1-planet = special build times.

    • Pro: Very easy to implement. We can test the concept quickly.

    • Con: This is thematically strange: after the 2nd planet is gained, going back to normal would feel very abrupt and make little sense.

  2. Factor in planet size on a curve, with build times increasing as the empire grows and potentially even surpassing the defaults.

    • Pro: Makes thematic sense — given that the planet’s population are not actually a factor in the construction, we can only assume an empire-wide labor force would incur operational overhead for every additional planet they become responsible for.

    • Pro: Giant empires would become increasingly inefficient at building econ, which could make larger families less powerful.

    • Con: Much bigger feature, likely requires complicated math.

I’m thinking we try #1 just to test the concept. Not in Milky Way though, as it’s soon not going to allow newbies anyway.

What do you guys think?

That was the first issue that popped into my head when I started reading this. Going on the curve would definitely be the better way. Instead of using a true curve, you could just have a declining build rate for planet range – i.e 1 planet = 100% quicker build, 2-5 planets = 75%, 6-20 = 50%, etc.

I think the general concept of shortening build times and getting news players and rounds off to a faster start is a good idea.

First thing that popped into my head was start all empires with some construction science points,
Say 500k-1 mil points, that will half build times to start with and then slowly diminish over time.

Reductions might not be as much as you were thinking tho.