Short econ race galaxy



How about a galaxy that runs for two weeks, which can be used purely for econ races?

It would give players the chance to test and validate starting strategies, along with focussed training for new players on some key concepts.

Typically, there’s only a chance to test a starting strategy once ever MW round. It would be great to do this more frequently - and add some competition to it.

We have HC galaxies for attacking… here’s one for HC growth/econ!

If you like this idea and want to see it happen, please vote for it via the “Vote” button in the top left of this page.

Short recurring econ-only galaxy

Is there also a way to downvote some ideas?


I am a simple man, if Mrblonde disagrees, I agree.


I’ve missed playing with you, @mrblonde.

It’s a good thing no one else knows that your abrasive exterior hides a caring and generous heart.


why not just play the normal galaxy and defend :stuck_out_tongue:
defending is easier than ever with attack race bonus also working in defence…


Yea you could do a custom galaxy with an attack delay that lasts the length of the round.


Like this as a custom galaxy as was suggested by @Picklearmy. (And that hurts to say as I rarely agree with that dried up cucumber.)


I am VERY wet.


I would love a no attack short race galaxy. With 1 or 5 min ticks we could run it over a weekend. We should set a goal for winning though. NW or highest income, or something.


Yup, exactly that @DustyAladdin. Like IC Drag (not the dressing up kind… the car racing kind) Racing.

Basically a race to get to the highest size or NW by tick 200.


Been wanting something like this forever


@SEXTANS don’t forget to vote, then!


I’d like to report this message.


u dont need to vote this up… make one of the patrons set it up… ?


I think it would also be really interesting to throw in some curveball starts, like starting with zero iron and endu. Then everyone would need to come up with completely new ideas.


then how would you build anything at all?


Sorry, I meant starting without one of the two.


Oh yes you are :smiling_imp:



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