Select all button for stationed fleets

Can we please add this feature? Would make it so much simpler when you have to recall selected units from a large number of planets.´

Thx in advance Pie!


it exists already

at the bottom you can select “recall all” to recall ALL stationed fleets

or you can select one (or more) columns of specific unit types and then select recall all to recall all of those.

or you can select specific planets (holding shift will allow the selection of multiple planets) and then select the column of specific unit types if you wish, and then select the “recall” button.

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Is that how it works :laughing:

I’m really just looking for a toggle button like the one on planets screen so you can choose all planets in one go. Time saver and much better for mobile.

Yeah just click recall all. It Will recall anything stationed

I don’t want to recall everything. I want to be able to check all planets and then check bombers and trannies only, for example, and do it with just 3 clicks.

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So just select bombers and trannies column at the bottom and hit recall all lol

just select whatever column you are wanting to recall (the most common will be bombers and transports) and then hit recall all. you do NOT have to select any planets at all!

you do, doesnt work like that. you get error :slight_smile:
Sir, You must select some forces for me to recall!

do NOT hit recall selected lol. hit recall all.

i literally just did it and it works perfectly fine. if you hit recall selected then it will give you the error. in order to use that button, you need to have selected specific planets.

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oh wow… that doesnt make any sense. why would u have to press recall all :confused:

Lol that I cannot answer.

I was always worried if I hit that button it would really recall all, but yes this saves a lot of clicking. Good to know!

recall selected works when you click the boxes from top to bottom.

There was a bug for a while where every now and then, you’d select the boxes as @HydroP described, and IC would ignore that…just recalling EVERYTHING. IDK if that’s gone completely or not

@Lord_Pickle I haven’t seen that since I got back.

Haha, sorry I saw Pickle Rick, and meant to " @Undeath "

Haven’t seen that in the last two years.