Sabotage Portal Improvements

  • Have pending portal sabotages show on relevant pages, with ETAs.
    • Visible to caster/target fam if UAs are forbidden
    • Visible to anybody (even logged out guests) if UAs are allowed
  • When a portal sabotage is complete, news item should include a link to a popover that shows any hovering fleets, with trigger buttons.
  • If a sabotage is in progress, an indicator should be shown:
    • On the target planet’s page
    • On the target’s planet in it’s system page
    • As a map list (show all portal sabs in progress)
  • The “sabotage in progress” Indicator’s visibility also depends on UA setting
  • If a player can see the “pending sab” indicator, they should be shown an “are you sure?” warning if they cast the op again.
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