Repeated error during war: 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable

i get this white page with . # 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable like every 10 min now, in the middle of a war…

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does it happen on any in-game pages more than others?


it happes on military page, HQ etc… i open alot of pages, im thinking i might be to active? :stuck_out_tongue:

not too active, just more active than the game can handle :wink:

this sounds like the thing that happens when people open too many tabs. that’d make sense during a war too.

are you an attacker by chance?

He is an attacker.

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Thanks for confirming, @DustyAladdin.

I split and moved your Aid spamming and server speed post into its own thread. Thanks for that too. :+1:

@Airwing, this is a pretty rough one. This is likely caused by our protection against DDOS attacks, and we don’t want to disable or even adjust that.

Ultimately the problem is that the website mistakes playing very fast for illegitimate usage. This is because:

  1. IC requires a lot of clicks to play effectively because our user flows are inefficient.

    • Solution: Identify what requests are made most frequently and redesign any related user flows to reduce the need for players to make new requests so much.
  2. Many clicks cause entire page reloads, which compounds the problem as any pageload itself also makes multiple requests.

    • Solution: For requests that require frequent access, rewrite their callers to refresh and use only the information that changes instead of asking for another entire page.

These are game-wide problems :grimacing: so neither of the solutions are quick fixes. I’ll pitch this to the @team to see how we can prioritize specific improvements, and #support:feedback is very welcome if you have a sense of things that you think are particularly inefficient.


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@Airwing it’s inconvenient but a computer reset works for me. It’s much quicker than waiting on the game, but there may be a quicker way.

I’ll probably start clearing cookies etc stepwise seeing how to bypass this

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well i need multiple taps to organize it :stuck_out_tongue: since there is now way ingame to do it.
but yea it happens when there is alot of page updating etc. first ticks of war thing

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