Reintroduce Family Bank (with a twist)

Just finished the round in MW and it was the most tiring round i’ve experienced. The IC community has got lazy, half the population remaining are borderline alcoholics, so It’s time to bring back the family bank.

The family bank at first was a revolutionary play style which soon most familie adopted to compete. After a while it became almost robotronic and had an adverse affect of people motivation to play. It was great for dictators like me, but not great for the other wishy washy guys around here.

I would like it if we can try something new. Take away individual cash & resources. You can still produce, but it doesnt fill your pocket, it goes into the families economy. You (unless rogued for your crimes) may withdraw anything you like from your families collectables, to use however you wish, think about it…not more waiting for that 80 food for your expos, or waiting for a drunk to roll out of bed.

Opps would have to be changed, destroy iron can become reduce iron production, destroy cash is technically already replaced by OH.

Then to even it up, the larger the family the more tax you pay on your goods, so you can’t easily run away from smaller families, or go massive savings.

I feel this could benefit all, those less active families could make better use of their time. I would go as far as being able to pre-order builds, but thats probably a step too far. This game needs automation badly.

It also adds the fun dynamic giving players that little bit more independence, instead of being told exactly what to do, but thats a double edged sword.


We have discussed ideas like this before, hopefully we can get one in action i think it would really help

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Interesting idea, I too think its difficult to play when the fam banker is semi active and difficult to deal with when needing funds. :grin:

Also need to take into account most in fam differ timezone which makes sharing more difficult

Î’m somewhat in doubt about the idea. Its kinda like working on the consequence of problem and serving a solution for that. Being the problem of activity in the player base. Sounds a bit like settling for having that problem.

Surely all ideas are made to resolve problems, the problem here being player activity and the solution being to make all players whether active for 1 hour a day or 10 hours a day have the same access to resources.

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Still i think the idea would only solve the cosequence of having ressies and funds avaiable when having inactivity in the fam, but meanwhile could be an excuse to be even more inactive and care less. Maybe I’m a bit of a nostalgic, it was just the cooperation intra fam i always liked in ic.

As much as I hate to agree with @OrBit, I quite like this idea!

It needs to be qualified/restricted somehow to avoid player x who is always up at 3am spending all the families cash every day… but still. Sharing into a pot, or even having some sort of internal family market mechanic sounds fun.

Ontop of choosing whole CNA take from the bank. Being able to set allowances per day based on player would be good.