Reevaluating anon play

Disable the ability to declare war at BoR.

Also - wtf…
How can any player possibly compare to the tens (?) of thousands of hours over 20 years playing the game that most of us have?

Heck, even a 10th of that.
Having IC even from vets to noobs would simply not be the same game.

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Oki pie - this convo is getting silly.
Every anon player would have to be treated as Smaug himself imho.

Just ruthless.

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this seems like the best and only option to restore the excitment of the whole not knowing who’s who, and it gives those players who need to know who’s who the option to find out.It also removes the advantage of those players how use this free intell to their advantage.

  • im guessing this is an easy code fix vs the option B.

the B options seems like a terrible idea, to give up ops or stats to remain hidden is a shitty trade. it would need to be like max 5 race points for it to be worth it. and what about all those who choose fixed races like pax etc…


your making it sound like the whole galaxy will come for you unless you know who is who…

in what round in all of ic history has that been the case :stuck_out_tongue: in the first 48h noone will attack you, op you :stuck_out_tongue: Worst case scenario u get an ingame msg from a person you dont know…:stuck_out_tongue: that dosent sound like much of a sacrafice :stuck_out_tongue:


You are correct - Pie and i got a little heated, and he took down a few posts and I amended a few - and may not have done the best job of cleaning mine up - it was very late.

Lol, I am not just shouting into the void.



i dont mind the heat and thats not what i am talking about…i for one love heat…but right now i am refering to your argument for the anon play :stuck_out_tongue:

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Let’s steer the convo towards further #roadmap:brainstorming. :slight_smile:

The debate between anon and non-anon will never be settled, as people have their opinions on that and are not likely to change them.

Instead, let’s explore potential solutions that address the problems on both sides.

Proposed solutions so far:

  1. Reveal names after anon-enabled round
  2. Player Reputation/Score
  3. All players are anon by default, but any player’s identity can be revealed by an enemy op
  4. All players are public by default, but their identify can be permanently hidden if they’re willing to spend race points

These are only suggestions, not a hard plan of any kind.

We can debate the merits of individual ideas in their own threads. For now though, can we think of anything else?


yup, there can be a compromise, it does not need to be black and white…i also do not think that race points are the best way to go…

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i would go for nr 1 :stuck_out_tongue: as i find not knowing who i am playing against more exciting than knowing. it also requires more of me when doing diplo etc. The “map” is no layed out for me as it is when i know where everyone is.

or 2, as this give the ppl who want to know an option to find who they are playing against.

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To start with: #1

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@I_like_pie option 5? We go back and make it simple with original rules behind it where each player can choose to hide or reveal name.

Ill pick that option if its available in a vote :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Only reason id wish to be able to hide my name, would be to hide who i am long enough for my family to organise and let me be a banker instead of attacker) :joy:

Option 1 out of your list is by far the best tho


That’d be simple, but it would be going back to allowing full-anon, which is the other end of the spectrum that we want to stay away from.

This isn’t a vote or anything though, just a brainstorming session. :slight_smile: We may do any one of these, multiple of them, or none of them.


i guess more opionions could be usefull but out of the people who spoke up its a landslide against the whole new anon feature …

What could be done to remedy the situation fast? is it a big code job to implement it into the infil and remove it from the player info?

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From the people that spoke up I see them liking the number 1 option @Airwing what exactly are you seeing. Not that they are necessarily against it. They just don’t want to see it back I’ma restricting way.

I believe number 1 is a good option because it can give us the opportunity to have another galaxy, that is not player created, and will be able to maybe draw more players.

MW cannot and should not be changed to have Anon play of anything. It should remain, as Pie is making it, into the forward most galaxy in IC. The one with all the best and new features, while another one runs beside it with its own set of cool things…if that makes sense.

What is the point of going backwards with features when he is trying to make changes and trying new things? It does not make sense.

yes the player pool is getting much smaller and quite frankly i think the idea of an anon round would be something that would draw back a few players. i said it should have the best and newest features i never said it will be the best galaxy, that is all up to a person preference. Years ago when IC was more popular my favorite and most played Gal was PW…

give them something new and interesting and they will come. The fact that this game has stayed the same for 20 years with no change to gameplay is what is causing people to disappear form the game. You go into a gal and do the same thing over and over again. No wonder people are saying stuff like “after 20 years you learn how each other play” its stale.

Let me tell you something, i support this game, i do not blindly support Pie and have shown that multiple times…This game needs drastic changes stuff like a new galaxy completely different from MW something that can change gameplay but being stuck over whether or not you can see a person actual account name is not something that is gonna make a huge difference. So what if you bring back anon play? The only thing that changes is diplomacy, everything else remains the same…

So yea AW i have no evaluation, no sense of how a game is run, no sense of anything. i mean what do i know, compared to you im new, but based on what ive seen in my 8 years of playing this game needs more changes that a simple name reveal feature…

I don’t need anon play. So don’t force it back into the game please. Ty


I want anon play back because wherever I go, whatever I do, however I play, whomever I play with, for some people cough @Darrk I’m an evil, cheating, nap breaking, vulturing bastard anyways, which ruins all game fun for me.

Here :point_up_2:t2: Is the problem the anon players, or the players that can’t handle playing against any player regardless of who they are?

Honestly, the whole issue of anon play is if you can see who behaved like a bitch and who didn’t. Show it after round end, problem solved.

Not true!
I actually respect your game far more than you think.

If what I said in the other thread (deffy don’t want that discussed here) is in error, again, I apologize.

In this scenario how are there any repercussion?
Round starts.
Some players hide, others do not.
Anon “bad guys” do exactly what they did last time UA and Anon play existed simultaneously. (Literally turning the clock back one year).
They are revealed at eor.
They pat themselves on the back for another easy win.
There “punishment” is trivial and fleeting.

What is wrong with anon play is that it is ostensibly (or inherently) give the advantage to those who hide from before the round even starts.

A very good example of would have been at SOR this round between us.
Our dealings at SoR would have been far different if you were Anon, or - if I was.

Why would you ever treat a family with an anon player as anything but a threat.


“Anon play is good for noobs” is total BS.

New players are default anon.
How much harder would a new player have to hustle over their first few rounds to recognize who is who?

You rep, is who you are, and how you are known.
The game is (or often is) highly political in nature - Anon play discourages that.
It gives even more power to the older player.

Be it a player that would manipulate them, or the player that would be inherently hostile to them.

Just implement It into the infil opp, than all is happy.