Reevaluating anon play

the “anon” play thing has pros and cons but what it boils down is free intel :stuck_out_tongue: free intel in a strategy game is kinda meh imo :stuck_out_tongue: might aswell bring back the income ranks etc :stuck_out_tongue: with the free plist/yama feature … so much depth of this game is removed i am not surprised people dont stick around atm.

Its truly hard to compete in this game if you dont have ALOT of time to put into the game, it dosent mix well with a job and schedules :stuck_out_tongue:


To be fair though, games like RISK also have “free intel” in seeing everybody’s positions, and is no lesser a strategy game for it.

Why is it that you prefer anonymity?


After 20 years we learn each other’s times and stray and tendiencies


Yes Jets, i kinda agree.

i’w always been a huge fan of risk, but in all fairness thats a boardgame and that platform imo is not realy comparable…

its not like i directly prefere anonymity, i do think its nice to see where all the power players is etc and who will most likely be hard to beat and who will be an easy planet farm. I belive that info give’s me an advantage, atleast thats how i used it. to pick targets and pick fams to allie/nap. But without any doubt i my mind that is pure valuable game intel to me.

Before when we didnt know who was who. that “cat and mouse” game made the whole diplo prosess alot more interesting and more random with an element of surprise. The more i think about it, that was a huge part of the game , scouting for others, trying to figure out who the hell your where fighting. Thats completly gone now.

I truly belive this feature remove some of the craving people have for another round, without maybe knowing it. It s abit demotivation to see on day 1, that one fam that got a shitload of good randoms and 2 super active attackers. Right there and than you know thats most likely the winning fam :stuck_out_tongue:

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Way better than that same fam hiding their names and their known buddies hiding in the family right next to you.

The day they couldn’t hide - they all ran away.

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That is Sunstorm. <3

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Did you just confuse me with jets chrisss, wtf x(


Maybe he didn’t

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RISK can be just as much an online game too. Remember Final Conquest? :smiley:

That’s not really the point though; what I mean is that any strategy game is going to have some kind of “free intel” as you have to have some kind information to play. For example, showing public planet counts at all can also be considered free intel.

I do get what you mean though, and I think you’re onto something about the advantage you describe. I’m interpreting your explanation as:

“Showing player identities gives an advantage to experienced players.”

This is valid criticism, and it’s worth reconsidering the relative disadvantage this gives new players.

The problem is: anonymity enables toxicity. Which is worse, a new player being at a relative disadvantage or a new player joining a game with a more toxic community?

I honestly don’t know the answer to that. :man_shrugging:

Maybe there’s an opportunity here. How can we have a game that both:

  • allows anon play, negating the advantage you describe
  • keeps players accountable for their actions

That’s pretty tough. :thinking: Nothing is impossible though, we just have to get creative.

lol sorry james :stuck_out_tongue:

Well lets assume u are correct, and some of the players might not find the same excitement in the game with this new feature now when u instantly know who’s where and what ur up against.

if players are “running” away from ic…what good does that do for IC?

If the goal is a diverse and growing player pool… this feature seems to pushing against that.

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It depends on the players.

The game can be better if toxic players are leaving. I think that was @Darrk’s point, which is a fair point.

The concern is that, to your point, we may be also driving out non-toxic players too.

Imo you are both correct. The problem as I’m seeing it is that we went from one extreme to the other, and need to rebalance without reintroducing the problem we tried to get away from in the first place.

The solution isn’t going back to how it was: it’s finding a reasonable middle ground.

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i kinda see you point @I_like_pie. But that diversity we want should include the toxic players too no?. The shit storms we seen in the past might not been the proudest moments of IC history but i know we saw alot of game activity along with those storms :stuck_out_tongue:

and those grudges and factions etc etc that form from it also fuels passion for the next round in many. i would belive…

The picture perfect thing is normaly kinda boring isnt it?

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Maybe allow anon play for some galaxies but when round ends, reveal names on the rankingspage?

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@exceed yeah we should do that at a bare minimum. We already do allow anon play as a galaxy setting, but names aren’t revealed at the end.

I’ve added this to #to-do here: Reveal names after anon-enabled round

To an extent, yeah. I’ve always been proponent of roleplaying freedom, even if it means allowing “bad guys” to play if that’s their style. Players can still do this though; they just have to own their “bad guy” persona publicly and take the consequences that come with it.

Anonymity allows people to be a bad guy with no repercussions, and lets them more easily grief other players. There’s a line between roleplaying as a menace, and trying to ruining somebody else’s game experience. It’s sometimes a fuzzy line, but it’s still there.

Even people playing casually will be worse to each other if they know that at the start of the next round they won’t be held accountable for any kind of reputation.

That’s very true, but anon play isn’t a requirement for this to happen.

We didn’t see a sustained amount of game activity the last time anon play was allowed.

We saw an anciet player make a stand in the forums about anon play.

We saw activity drop AFTER it sunk in that anon play was really happening. Now that most of the most egregious players are out of their multi accounts, activity seems to be back on the rise.

If the anon players are so fucking awesome, and so strategically impressive it should be a snap for them to pop right back in and just maul us all.

So umm, door open tuff guy.

I did

Just that

CW 2.0 :stuck_out_tongue:

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Yup @TheBigOne that is what makes you a great player, and not a whiny bitch.

Tri alliances in a 10 fam gal. Makes the game a joke.

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Depends who you ask :wink:

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Regarding a middle ground between the 2 ends of the spectrum, we do have a Player Reputation/Score in our #to-do list.

It wasn’t originally posted with anon play in mind, but it might be a good compromise here.

If a player is being enough of an asshole, they can still play anon next round but will have a literal reputation that can be seen even by new players. This will let people know that they might want to be cautious, without revealing the person’s identity.

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