Random idea

I had a random thought last night.
Players dont like to be raided to nothing right but thats a big part of war these days. I believe families should never be hit passed the point of return. Besides for changing player attitudes an answer has been very hard to come up with.

What if we increased the price of fleet majoly to make main attackers jobs not to do massive raids but to remove attackers and force everyone to fight.
Portals could be made for only attacker races and expensive as well or just super expesnive so nobody but attackers are fully portaled.
Lasers would become the main line of defense

The trick would be finding the proper cost that would slow attacks but not make them a stalemate.
This is just a rough and would need lots of work but its a thought to a new roote

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Im not sure if it would really balance things.

Why not update the Morale system, to make every consuctive Successfull attack on same Fam cost more Morale.

I think the concept of cores should be implemented into the game. Make units fight stronger in systems closer to their HS. I`m not sure what the numbers should be, should probably depend on the number of players/planets in a galaxy. Example: Give units a 300% bonus in systems up to 3 spots away from the HS to about 50% increase 15 spots away from the HS.

Can’t remember who I discussed this with a while back. Morale loss should increase exponetially with distance from your nearest portal. It’d still be possible to take long range planets, but it’d be hard to keep them and costly. Border or shared system skirmishes would be the only way to acquire bulk planets. Surprise long range mass raids would be difficult, if not impossible, depending on attacker size.