Quick ideas

Not sure if these options would be possible or not but i think some of these may help put current state of the game

One idea of mine is to have a limit on the amount of planets that can be attacked in a day until a certain time in the round. Say a family can only make 10 attacks in a 24hr period until week two then it goes to normal morale rules. This would mean attacks are used strategically until a set war date.

Another idea would be to make a set amount of planets one family could take from another in a weeks period( 10% cap)

Another idea I’ve posted in the past was an auto fam bank so those who can’t be super active can still aid in and be productive as the rest.

Final idea bring back anon play. Players targeting others for previous rounds is never a good thing and at least with anon play people could hide.

Easy to exploit all these ideas.
You would find people would just explore 11 planets in a families core and portal all of them,you can only take 10 of them… leaving 1 to portal without being able to remove it. Easily worth wasting 10 eships for

Also the 10% protects RC infra jumping massively.

I think people would just love rounds with attacking disabled.

If one were to do that it would just be done to the other.

Also how does a 10% rule help rc jumps? The norm is 10% anyways during a war so not sure how that changes anything rather then make it official.

Instead of criticism how about some ideas from yourself on how to fix things around here?

I dont see anything wrong with the game as it stands personally. You get quick start of round action with 50x starting resources. People forget that after 2/3 days we are really at a day 8/9 stage on a normal starting res galaxy.

10% at say for example this stage of a round can be 15-20 planets.

People worrying about losing lots of planets at the start of a round should avoid that being an option by having defences, and maybe not risking science builds. You have to have the risk v reward in this game

Ahh your talking about this round when im talking about thing that happen every round and the general population does not like.

yes maybe some more protection at start of a round could help things, I just worry if you limit attacks that could be hugely exploited. Clan wars had a decent concept where there were “safe” systems that all fams had

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Yes that’s always a major issue, there is a way to exploit most options and ideas we come up with so we need to find a happy medium and adjust to it. I fully agree with you clan wars had a decent set up for this.

I personally believe the main issue is player count, if it was two years ago this would not be discussed but with 30 players or so we need to adjust and smoothen the ride. Before you had many targets and could just rebuild and regrow but now its more war and die lol

I fully agree my idea for the 10% would need players being respectful and not just attacking the following week and such but I do strongly believe we need to find a way to give players a sense for hope after wars or something goes wrong in there round.