Publicly available combat summaries

It would be awesome, either at EOR or as a live summary, to have a summary of all conflict in the galaxy. Similar to Silenz/Tifs fam news analyser but showing in 50 (?) tick blocks.


Tick 550 - 600
#7091 took 67 planets from #7092
#7092 took 69 planets from #7092

This would help in determining the points gained in wars in clan wars


this would be awesome. As the one time galactic reporter information like this would really make reporting the on goings of round so much more fun and less shooting from the hip. Maybe a delay so you don’t see ticks 0-50 till tick 100 is reached. (not needed in clan wars) but in a normal gal sometimes information can be abused ,but this would be awesome to know how fams got where they are. would go nice with rivan 3d picture of the round based on planets and systems taking which is still a work in progress.

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Work in progress is pretty much complete… happy to share, @I_like_pie!