Prompt: I'm new and my family wants me to be an attacker

I’m new and my family wants me to be an attacker.

  • They have a lead attacker, so I’m playing a support role.
  • Should I pick a standard race or custom?
  • How should I manage my economy?
  • Any other pointers?

Ok so here are my thoughts on this. Keeping in mind that every player will have a different idea to it so there could be multiple good answers on this.

If your family has a lead attacker, the chances are that he has picked camaar. Most of the time the main attacker will be nothing but speed, fleet, and research centers. That leaves you with other options within the family.

Here are the potential options a family may have you do:

  1. Some families may decide that speed is most important and have you go camaar. In the event you do this, you will only be building research centers and lasers the entire round. This is because camaar’s have a negative research bonus and you must counter that with just building research centers.

  2. Your family only wants one camaar and that leaves you to going a custom race. In any custom attacking race you MUST have the highest possible stats in Attack (50%), Research (50%), Speed (100%). Your population growth, and income stats should be as low as you can get them. The additional options that are required are Droids and Space Amazement. With the leftover points, pick a balance of magic bonus and ops from both wizards spells and agent ops. Your family can help you decide what is useful there.

Keep in mind that as an attacker, it is important not to lose fleet due to silly things like lasers or another players fighters. So having ops like Investigate Portal and Portal Infrastructure are very important to protecting yourself.

How you manage your economy as a custom attacker comes down to your families needs. If they are in need of extra resources then you may end up building your planets either FB or even 100% with resources and then research centers after that to maintain good science. If they do not need the extra resources then you will just build research centers and lasers as the camaar does.

One of the benefits of having a custom attacker is the high science, especially at the start of a round. A custom attacker can take planets from other family members (and explore as well) and build them at a much cheaper cost and faster than their family members can if done correctly. This could mean a huge advantage between you and other families that do not do the same. How to correctly do science builds will be another strategy you should read.

The last thing to keep in mind as a secondary attacker is that your camaar needs your help with ops. He can check for portals but that is all. He will need you to be his intelligence officer and get him what he needs. So keep a proper amount of agents and wizards to do whatever is required.

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Add economy:
Don’t fear units disbanding. There are a lot of moments it’s either cheaper to rebuilt or not needed to keep high fleet. In such case to not run out of playmoney put your gc on the market with low buy bids. If you need gc to sent fleet you retract it from market. Otherwise the fleet disbands and you don’t pay upkeep.