Promoting IC

I submitted IC on mmobomb.

Should hear back soon if it was approved or not.

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Did you ever hear back from these guys?

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Sadly no :frowning:

I’ve had a look, top google searches
Can advertise there

Probably loads of others


Can we self advertise pie? Is there a standard description etc? Or u in full control of marketing?

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Yeah, go for it. :slight_smile:

Our standard description is:

Imperial Conflict is a free browser-based multiplayer space strategy game.

That’s a little dry though. :grimacing: Suggestions definitely welcome.

I made myself laugh, for the English market

Interested in politics? Tired of brexit? Immigration? Take back control in the free browser massive multiplayer game and shape the future of your family.


That’s certainly a unique take! I can see that grabbing some attention.


Right I done both of those I post ealier. 24hrs and I’ll check if we were successful, I gave the official line and well the unoffical

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Great work, thank you!