Prioritize old players

Dont you think keeping and luring old players back is easier for an ancient fossil game than to get New players to play… There aint many kids today that gone come play ic… :stuck_out_tongue: the competition is slighlty harder than it was when we started out…


There’s a difference between what is easier and what is more beneficial.

We should not treat new players as any less important than old ones. They are both important, and focusing on only one group while ignoring the other would be a huge mistake.

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i agree, but i would belive your have alot higher chanse of getting players like Me, remo, pickle. orbit etc etc.all old players. back with small changes…

but getting 20 new players to stick around… i cant name 1 after mace that is new and became a part of the community… hydro’s sister dosent count…

inn all the rounds the last years… the new guys are mostly old returning players… that leave again shortly becouse what they expected to find was IC as they knew it isnt here anymore

What you’re describing though is that both new and returning players don’t stick around; the problem exists for both groups.

We should therefor work towards improvements that serve everybody.

I’m not clear on what it is that you’re suggesting. Are you trying to determine which has more value between a returning vs new player, or do you have specific ideas that you think we should focus on to cater specifically to older players?


@Goddess_of_the_Dead counts, and so does @Tishxo.

@MaceWindex would be fine but I am sure he got ganbanged by someone.

Nothing is stopping all these “old” players from “coming back”.
3 of the 4 you named are either playing right now, or have played in the last month.


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Of course goddess and I count and actually I can name two new players that have joined in the last few months that have stuck around so far and become apart of the community since after goddess and I; cxris and the overlord.

New players do come in and they will stay if the game and community is active. I’ve stayed for the community. Actually, it was the community that drew me in to begin with.

If anything, I think an app would be beneficial to bringing in new players and working around what old players want to keep them in the game. You need options for everyone but it’s hard to please everyone.


The reality is most people will come around from word of mouth. We dont count as new players because older players brought us in? That’s ridiculous. We count as much as you do.

I didnt say older players shouldn’t be listened to. I said it’s a balance to keep everyone happy but necessary to do so to some extent to get and keep people in.

Thanks for the unnecessary insults though, that will surely keep new people around and make the older ones feel super welcome :+1:


This is exactly why new players are so important: those of us who have been around for years have blinders on, myself included.

We need new players to show us a fresh perspective, and also to prevent us from becoming an echo-chamber of grumpy vets who think that only old-timers are allowed to have valid opinions.

@Daffy made a point about this earlier in the year:

Features aside, we need a collective attitude adjustment. New players should be looked upon favorably, not dismissed.

That doesn’t mean we have to sell out IC, it just means we need to put our egos aside, listen, and consider the possibility that we’re not always right about everything.


yes you do if not even more. Thats not what i mean.

This is just me coming with an idea on how i belive this game would gain players in the most easy way… keep the once we have is easier than gaining new once…

with more players , word of mouth = new players maybe.

i HIGHLY doubt its the toxic atmosphere that made them not stay around…

for awhile there might have been too much drama going around, but on the other hand atm we are almost forced to be so political correct in the way we act and speak… its on the border to boring :stuck_out_tongue:

Tell me one person who is interested in a boring game?

Just my observations and opinion but to me, focussing on older returning players or focussing on getting new players into the game isn’t going to work. Hate to say it but it feels to me like your flogging a dead horse for a number of reasons.

The game itself has not improved over the years, for example; old races your stuck with so cannot use the names again, most old races contain no longer existing buildings, ops/spells so they sit there useless.

There are less galaxy’s to chose and play in, MW has always been HC but the other gals, triang, andro, etc. gave a choice to those who, for many reasons could not be as active allowing players to choose which one to join depending on how active they could be. If you cannot be online and active more than 12 hours a day these days being in MW is a death wish for many players…which probably accounts for so many inactive players this round. .

Having ticks now lasting 4 minutes is also a game killer, in the early 2000’s it was around 30 seconds if that, I would have though advancements in technology could have made the ticks obsolete but instead tick just get longer and longer.

I also don’t think focussing on custom gals a few months back and closing MW was a good business decision and probably the biggest mistake made in destroying IC…returning, current and new players had nowhere to go when custom was full so what incentive was there to hang around waiting six weeks to hopefully get to play?

One other thing, I’m not sure how accurate the player information is on the “old map” but when using it throughout today there has been no more than 7 players online with it down to only 5 on a few occasions.

To me if feels IC has run its course, even the community is dead…no point hanging onto what it was, kill it completely, call it a mercy killing if you must, but stop trying to fix something which is so broken its painful. Spend time recoding a new version…no need to reinvent the wheel just get things right, then relaunch and use your mailing list to tell those existing IC is back and works, you will likely get older players returning and also new ones joining and if it works as should more with join and stay.

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100% agree Tish. We count!!!

We still had to learn just like someone who came in knowing no one. The fact we knew and/or were related to old players doesn’t change anything. And I’ve stuck around due to the community. Listening to all the stories from my dad and brother were what made me decide to play. And I’m glad I did. I love a lot of the people on here like family.


You definitely count. :slight_smile:

@Exposed you have some valid points and although I do see where you’re coming from, I just can’t share your pessimism. Hear me out:

We currently have 116 monthly active players (individual players, not empires), even right now in our biggest dip in a long time. In 2016 we had around 70, at a time when it had been literally years between any significant changes. We’ve had some highs and lows since then, and are definitely in a low right now, but IC is hardly “destroyed”.

Yes, focusing on customs was a risk, but risk is part our process if we are to improve. Things will not always work, but if we aren’t willing to try new things then we might as well have just kept IC where it was in 2016 when it had no active development and actually was at risk of dying for good.

Everything you’ve mentioned is being addressed. And yes, technology has improved since the early 2000’s but IC can’t just magically upgrade itself; somebody has to actually modernize the code by hand. That somebody is me, and work is being done. :slight_smile: Off the top of my head, in the last few years we have:

  1. Upgraded the design to be mobile friendly
  2. Rewrote the code to improve stability
  3. Upgraded the backend to make new features easier to build

So has the game really not improved over the years? If you focus only on the problems, I can understand why you would feel that way. However, I don’t think it’s true, and I’m not going to kill the game because some players focus so much on the bad that they can’t see any of the good.

As for recoding a new version, we have already tried that. A brand new version of the game was in alpha testing between April and August of 2018, but we closed it after it became apparent that improving the current game was getting us better gains and much faster. It might be the right move for some games, but it wasn’t the right move for us.

Even now at this low point, we’re still doing better than we were a few years ago. How can we be dying if we’re trending upward?

If ever there was a time or a mercy killing for IC, it was 2016. We didn’t kill it though, our community here began reviving it and we continue to do so. You’re very welcome to join the effort. :slight_smile:

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Personally as a returning player of almost no fame I think ss gals will prove priceless for those of us who for one reason or another dont politic as well. I do love an old school family style round too though. I think more galaxies of mid to short rounds are key for enjoying the most important part if ic which is to play ic. Im not a math wizard like soul or a super sharp leader like oldie or schnieppel or a fairly accomplished attacker like parta but for me the best part of ic is simply playing ic.


look at you throwing down names lol I am not a math Wiz heck just today i asked Alexa what was 10x11 :smiley:


Amazing words! and i couldnt agree more, as our lives got more comlicated and time is limited I also find that SS games is where i have the most fun and are able to play at my own speed and schedule… i truly miss SN and the quezian race for that. There was a few things that messed up SN and that was Unofficial allainces, the gangs grew to big… but make 1 allaince per fam im sure that would work out. I also see named play as a very bad feature for SN.

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I see named play as a fucking blast for SN! :heart_eyes:

SN is supernova?

If so, I played one round recently. I liked that I could hide who I was while playing ( obviously you get the history info after). Being someone new, if no one knew who I was, that didn’t matter. It also didn’t matter who “brought me in the game”. I like not being able to hide but there are also some instances where I like to be able to do that for the duration of a round. I completed that supernova round with no allies or anything; people attacked me, i attacked back, etc. Had I played under my username I don’t think that would have happened.

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This is one of the main reasons why i belive named play needs to be changed, we wont treat eachother equaly if we know who is who…

I want to agree with exposed, this game is on it’s last legs. Pie, i don’t really like you but i guess your trying. I won’t go into previous changes and my opinions but the only way forward I can see is to make IC easier to play. it needs to be automated more, it needs to require less time to play. Dont forget this game started on a dial up internet connection, when internet was life and we’d happily sit playing a space game all night. The world has changed and waiting hour upon hour for things to happen is borderline rediculous. The game needs to become faster and things need to be allowed to happen when your not online. and then you need to allow your family to have more impact, such as being able to use their fleet to defend you from attack (like bushtarion) and be able to take aid from you (like ectroverse) it needs to be more fluid.