Portals being the base for expos

It has always kind of bothered me how you need portals to send fleet, but your exploration ship can just depart from a random planet.

Would also force families to portal up quicker and consider the way they portal more than it does now.


can agree but could also make exploration a real pain. make portals abit quicker and less expensive?

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Cool idea

I addressed this issue somewhere a while back. There shoud be 2 types of portal, one expensive (double or triple the cost of a military portal) but fast to build (8-10 ticks) that only exploration ships can use and can’t be blocked by ops, and the military portals that we currently have.

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There is a bit of a point in that, but it would be easier to implement expo ships using the same portals.
But as Noir said, maybe we could decrease the charges/build time for them.
Would mean you’d have to choose to either travel further for your planets or invest in the portals and save time later on.

Anyway, it would add to a more difficult expo phase, but would also make it a harder choice to either go offensive/defensive or simply focus on expoing like some do now.


How about the standard portal being considered an “Offensive portal” and then a second portal option like Daffy said, making it a “Defensive portal”

The offensive portal works exactly as it does now (all fleets can use it), but it is the only way of moving a fleet aggressively across the map faster.

The defensive portal is cheaper and faster, improving how efficiently bankers can portal, and is a requirement for speeding up explos. [Satisfying the request of noir and blonde]

This is a good idea :o

I agree that portals are too expensive and clearly the early part of a round is still an issue with morons fighting long before anyone who wants to play the rest of the round should.

There’s something to be said about not making the game more complicated, but this does seem to help mitigate the issue of expo raids ruining rounds without messing with the game mechanics of mid to late round.

Perhaps add the rule that when constructing an offensive portal the defensive portal needs to be destroyed first

How about you have to decide on which planet you want your eships to be build?

If you have a portal like now, no problem, but if not, think of where you want it to be build, and it’ll travel from there?

Yeah, I so agree with this!

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Great Ideas, currently i think the theory is, when you send a exploration ship, this ship probably has some Explorers ( troops) on it and some scuttle ships as well. So when you arrive they can take off from the exploration ship and explore other planets in that same system effortlessly at 0 travel time, so why would you have to set up a portal if they are already in that system? This is a game after all so a lot of functions are not written but with a little imagination things start making more sense. :smiley:

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All I can imagine now are scuttle ships. They sound awesome

yes evidently theres no such thing as a scuttle ship… scuttle is the term used to deliberately sinking a ship :smiley:

but here are the ships i was referring too

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Could I order 5, please?!

Btw. Are those yellow sun loungers on the back?!

just looks like your standard shapes to help with aerodynamics. painted to look ‘nice’. still made of the same material as the rest of the shell. (I wouldn’t recommend that much glass when you go to higher altitudes though, nor do I recommend keeping the landing gear out). EDIT: or the stairs to board out :confused:

Things on top are solar panels, yellow thing is the engines I think or dampeners. Landing gear are actually landing legs which can lock or unlock from surfaces… space engineers is the game.

Soooo definitely sun loungers for getting your tan on :ok_hand:

Expanding the cap of eship might work, and vastly bjggger gal with the infintum type system exping would be pretty good but to just pop off to unlimited like that, things are just out of balance as far as speed of the game,

Perhaps having unlimited for first 48 ticks unlimited then reverting to capped but even vastly larger gal might be a good thing

Also subtracting time for infra in this phase and shortening time,

Some numbers for capped time could be 12 per day or 16 per day or 24 for numbers sake

I think a slight look in to how ecteoverses portals worked and how they covered a certain percentage and the whole expaneded cost is kinda good as well, will promote more attacking.