Pop bank or CF bank?

What type of bank do you think would be good to support a small fam for 6 weeks?

  • Pop Bank
  • CF Bank

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Pax pop banker will make more cash than a CF banker ever will… even if you take into account the cost of food.

I understand that but in this round setup I have been speaking to a few people from different fams and they are saying that in this round specifically they wouldn’t even think of pop banking. Not 100% sure their reasons.

Thanks for the response pickle

The longer the round, the more pop banking pays off in my opinion.

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I don’t think we will ever see a round bigger than 6 weeks. I guess pop banking will die at some point then.

I just mean if it were a 4 week round I would understand their sentiment … but 6 weeks is plenty of time for pop banking.

Ahh ok

related idea: we could make round length a factor in determining pop efficiency

So you stole my elves pop income multiplier idea now?

Ya i use to Pop bank sometimes in PW when it was 4 weeks and usually wasn’t the best idea.

Its kind of a catch 22 with small fams pop banking.

on the negative you can be the only banker so in wartimes if you get hit that could mean everything.

on the positive you can be the only banker so you know you’ll get lots of planets early and you’ll be making the gc of two CF bankers

@MaceWindex given that your idea wasn’t related to round length, no =P

Still an adaptation but I guess you did suggest scalable as oppose to a set multiple

I used to float around the idea of having a new unique unit aimed at pop bankers, for the same race point count as droids you could upgrade exploration ships to colonizers. Starting new planets at say, 50% pop, would be a huge boost.

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completely depends on the amount of starting resources…

The faster the round matures, the more you can do in a shorter round. It’s not just about round length, but also development speed.

If everyone starts with 6000x start ressies and 200 eships. 4 weeks can work for the pop banker lol

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