Players are getting removed in Manthano 3

I don’t know about other families, but 67 is having several players being deleted from the galaxy. The game is losing players because of it.


Sounds like someone is killing off inactives and the only one that can mark people inactive is the leader, i.e. you. Try not marking anyone inactive and see if that helps.

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Yes multiple accounts being deleted not by the family, I have rejoined 4 times in last day as each time my account gets deleted.

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You must be inactive for 48 hours before being marked inactive, so that is not the case

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Or the inactive script has been affected by the new 99 planet rule implementation.

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Something is wrong. Many players are disappointed, myself included

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@I_like_pie any update on this?

looking into it now

There is a bug that allows players to kill off family members. This is unrelated to the inactivity script.

A fix is in progress but no ETA. We are talking with the player involved to gather more information.

Still looking into it, but for any players exploiting it. Disciplinary actions will be taken. Leaders can still clear inactive players per your guidance. Thank you.

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This has been fixed.

The bug was causing the “is home planet” check to fail for some families but not others, which then bypassed the “is eligible target” check on intra-fam attacks that normally prevents killing off family members.

The checks are now working as expected again.