Planetary Bonus Diminishing

Much as in Starcraft, the resources available dwindle over time. A planet that starts with 50% Iron bonus that is massively OB with mines would see the bonus drop faster than the same planet with fewer mines.

An offshoot of this would be to have recycling centers, or recycling ships, that can help offset the drop in bonuses on a planet and/or acquire new resources in space, largely from debris fields of previous battles.


The question I get from this is: why limit it to bonuses?

It’s come up before that the concept of dwindling resources seems like it should apply to every planet. Any planet would have a finite amount of iron for example, and at some point it will simply not return any further output from MFs.

I like the concept of either take on this idea, but there are some UI challenges that need to be sorted so that having to manage individual planets over time isn’t a usability nightmare.

Maybe, once a specific type of building is no longer rendering output, it automatically gets demolished, with its building costs refunded to the empire? Doing that would make it like a new planet again, which would feel familiar enough.

I’m interested in the impact this would have on the market, and general resource availability to build more infra and fleet.

My concern would be if CFs and LQs were exempt from this, but yet Farms were not. That would lead to no pop bankers due to starving concerns late in the round. As well as CF/TO bankers thriving throughout the round, while resources would see their empires declining as resources became scarce.

I’m not opposed to trying having resources diminish to ZERO versus a low base level.

The more I think about it though the more I like the idea of recycler ships. They would basically be immune from battle and could hover in systems to harvest asteroids at a base level, but then have a surge in recycling rate whenever a battle happens nearby.