Planet list manager

Since the old map is far from mobile friendly and the new map lacks some key features we would like some new things implemented to the new map.

New features needed 1/8:

  • Insert plist into map + save/edit


I’ve updated the title here as this feature has wider use than just the map. Some specifics we probably want:

  1. Option to save a “Find Targets Planets” result into a planet list
  2. Option to update an existing “Find Targets Planets” planet list
  3. Per-list permissions for family members to edit
  4. List merging
  5. List splitting
  6. System grouping list (for map)
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  1. Batch actions from plist

Select multiple planets from list
Add action


  • sent fleet
  • do ops
  • book mark with comment

All actions get listed behind the planets

After which you press execute, sending 200 retakes, doing 5 pi , 6 ip and 5 di with one press of the button.

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