Planet Grouping

We all know that once you get over a certain number of planets, it’s a pain in the ass to manage building. With fewer players & the same or a greater number of planets available, we’re regularly seeing people end up with 300+. The standard ability to sort by build %, resource bonuses, pop, etc. are great for comp play. It’s easy to just sort and shift click to build the segment you want, but on mobile it’s a different story. I’m sure someone out there loves individually clicking 200 boxes, and hoping you don’t accidentally click back, but I’m not one of them.

What if we could manually create groups of planets? Want to build on the iron planets you have that are out of any fighting areas? Create that group once, augment it as necessary, and tick one box to build on those planets. I’m sure a good number of players do a basic sort, and just build a fully group to X%, and take the losses on anything you didn’t actually mean to build…but there’s still at least one person that tries to build as efficiently as possible.

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Would Entity Tagging do what you’re thinking of?