Physical Promo

@RenegadeDamon was talking to me about a game shop in his area. He had a great idea bout doing some kind of physical promo directly to that kind of audience who likes board games over CoD and such.

That got me thinking, we can and should get some promo swag that anybody/everybody can use if they want. We could set it up as part of the IC shop, but also give some out for free for those who wanna help spread the word.

Stuff like stickers, business cards, pins. Speaking of that, @Picklearmy I just saw your post in Puppies vs kitties, what is that little circular IC thing you’re holding? Looks kinda like a phone pop socket.

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It’s one of those things you stick on the back of your cell phone think they are called pop sockets?… wife got it for me for Xmas but I don’t really use it.