Phase Building


Right now we can build on multiple planets a set number of the same type of building or by %. I would like to see phase building that allows us to build say 100 refines, then 100 mines, then 100 rcs or go to say 150% with refines, 250% with mines, 300% with rcs.

You would need to add tabs next to each resource that can be clicked as phase 1, 2 or 3 and then at the bottom fill each phase box in with the desired %.

If you like this idea and want to see it happen, please vote for it via the “Vote” button in the top left of this page.


Sounds like a calculator’s nightmare!


I like it. This would be useful to let things build while sleeping or otherwise AFK due to IRL things.


Well, the idea of this is not to have it start buildings for you. You couldnt set it to build from FB to 300% on its own.

But you could go from say 100 - 300 with different buildings all at one time instead of having to do each specific one at a time.